Sunday, November 27, 2011

Deceivers, Spell Casters, and a Willing Consciousness

I think there is a definite game involved in deception. On one hand the deceivers have to make it known, in some form, that an event can or will happen. It's the old adage hidden in plain sight. This is how the spell is cast, and how the collective consciousness comes to accept a lie, or dis-believe the truth. Since the idea of what the deception might be is put out in a sort of low level buzz, the direction the deception intends people to look will seem obvious and acceptable to them at the time.

The other side of this is that there cannot be an awareness of an event by any notable amount of the populace or the event has to be scrapped. That is because if there is foreknowledge then a group of people can say, "we knew this was going to happen and told people about it!" This breaks the spell, since now people will want to investigate and find out how some people knew something beforehand, yet they did not. This is why all of these occultist dates keep coming up and more and more people are researching every single step of the political and (d)elite to figure out what they are going to pull this time. Since the collective is then abuzz with awareness that a certain date is primed and ready for some kind of planned shock and awe, the spell is ineffective and there is a greater chance that the true perpetrators will be found out.

If we use 911 as an example, there was warning of this that people have now dug up in hindsight. There are even government studies of this exact type of terror attack, planes flying into buildings, yet if we remember everyone in Federal shrugged their shoulders and said we had no idea. Some loon even crashed his Cessna into the Whitehouse in 1994, if that’s not an indicator, I don’t know what is.

It's interesting to note that intelligence and investigatory agencies were completely clueless this kind of thing could happen, yet in 48 hours they knew everything, including the names and nationalities of every hijacker, and their comings and goings for the previous year. This is despite there being next to zero physical evidence to prove anything. The public bought it hook, line, and sinker, and while there are rumblings about it being an inside job by quite a large percentage of Americans, the spell is cast, and it is still in force, and it is still working to the benefit of those that cast it.

This was a perfect spell. The whole event was made to order acceptable by a willing populace. It caught the commoner by complete surprise, shocked him into acceptance and submission, and allowed an objective of global attack against sovereign nations to ensue. It essentially gave Federal the green light to do any damn thing they wanted to, and they took complete advantage of that pass, and then took complete advantage of the American people as well.

The people that are deemed 'conspiracy theorists' are really people trying to break spells that have been cast on the people. It is a daunting and impossible task in this current level of frequency that the human consciousness is in. I truly believe that in the next years time that frequency level of vibration is going to change, and increase. If this happens, a greater cross section of humanity is going to wake up and break out of the spells, and have a heightened awareness of everything, including deceptive intent, and those beings around us that are forever stuck in the psychopathic low-level manifestations of sadistic gratification will be revealed.

Monday, November 21, 2011

The Non-existent Contract with the Non-existent Constitution

What is your contract with the Federal Government? Is it the constitution? Let me ask you, when did you become a party to this contract? Is there some paper you signed, a hand you shook, a verbal commitment you made that I am not aware of? If so, I would like to know the means of that agreement, because from what I can tell I am not part of any constitutional contract.

Even if I say I believe and follow and swear to uphold the constitution, does that mean that anyone else has? I don’t think anyone has, ever. There are no signatures on the constitution. It hasn’t gone on a nationwide tour to gain the acceptance of the consenting public. For all intents and purposes, it is archived in a place called, you guessed it, the National Archives.

Do the political elect uphold the constitution, as they purport to with their hand on the bible? If so, then why are they constantly looking for ways to subvert it for themselves and their friends? Why are there millions of laws that are in violation of any number of constitutional amendments, Bill of Rights or otherwise?

Can you be born into subservience to a government? Then can’t you also be born into a plantation owner’s unquestionable authority? Is it the voting part that is throwing you off? Then how can a stranger that you have never met re-present you as a living man? Is this person reporting back to you on a daily basis to get your input and consent, to fill you in on how the next law on the stack of millions of laws is going to make your life so much better?

What about the appointed offices, which make up a vast majority of the government, and are the people that really write the laws, create the agencies, and spend the money. What is their contract with the constitution, and what is their oath to the people? Don’t they act with impunity, outside of being caught with a live boy or a dead girl?

What is the limitation that is put on their law creation if it is not the constitution? Couldn’t they make a law that states that the firstborn daughter is to be delivered to the local politicos for rape initiations? Do you think psychopaths have never accomplished divine right before now? How about if they just start the draft up again, full throttle, and kill off all the young men from 18 to 30 in some cannon fodder wet dream of death? We’ve seen that one already. I mean, really, where is the limitation of their authority? They say, “our bullshit mumbo jumbo says this,” and living, breathing men are supposed to bow down and start licking boots?

What is the limit you would put forth in your mind? Is it hearing about men, women and children in another town accosted, only to disappear forever without explanation or trial? Is it when you see your neighbor loaded onto a truck by whatever god-forsaken paramilitary forces, his wife screaming and his dog shot dead on the lawn? Or is it when you are finally approached?

There is already so much constitution ending legislation on the books it is not even funny. The entire Federal political, legislative and judicial scene is on board. They don’t believe in rights. There is more of that coming. If you can’t pay attention or don’t want to, then continue to pay tribute until it’s desperation time.

Remember, there is no constitution because there is no agreement. All terms between men are based on consent and contract. It is either that way or any corporation can march right in, take all your shit, and leave you a bloody mess simply because they want to. If that is a constitutional republic, then we deserve it.

Monday, September 26, 2011

The D, The R, and the You...

The D, The R, and the You...subtitled the Ugly, the Bad, and the Good...

I enjoy the banter between the partisans on either side of the aisle in this 2 party Federal government. I have to enjoy it, because despising things just generates the negative, mind clogging emotions that just plain zap the life out of you. I think the most entertaining thing is that a change from this man to this man, or no change at all, is somehow going to make matters all better. If that were the case, then it would have happened in the last 50 election cycles, through which every conceivable combination of D and R mish-mash has occurred and still the downward trend on the graph of middle class American life has ensued.

If this nation were operating according to the prescriptions put forth by the constitution, the presidency and congress would have far less impact and power. America would be a republic instead of the top down single point of all decision-making oligarchy that it is. There would be localized and accessible domestic power of state and local government, and the diversity of the separate republics would dictate strength and fiscal responsibility.

Washington is only accessible to Washington. It is a district in a foreign land where dictations spew forth from bankers, lawyers and statesman, people that have absolutely no stake in your life or anyone else's but their own. They have farm sold the economy to foreign bankers 100 years ago and have created every possible type of bastardized law against the people that their twisted little doublespeak minds can nightmare up.

Vote change, vote status quo, it makes no difference in my estimation. The pace of degeneration in everything the Federal government gets its grubby hands on is at critical mass, and the world we believe exists is untenable. It is this way because men are expected to deceive as their employment, and we the people look for the best deceiver, and champion that person as re-presentative of ourselves. The people we choose to admire from afar are people that we do not know and would never be allowed to know. What we do know of them is cleverly scripted bites of doublethink that we are so desperate to hear, and know it’s a lie as we hear it, yet still believe it as our own moment to moment gospel of salvation. These teleprompted spells become the image of them to such a degree that we will fight against and betray the very people we know and love if they dare to question that image in the least.

One of the greatest disappointments of this presidency is an extension of the disaster that was the last. If anyone wants a fiscal turnaround in America then step A (and the only step IMHO) is to end the war machine. There is no greater expenditure, and no greater waste of life and capital, with absolutely zero benefit to the citizens on either side of the conflict. I’m sure there are pundits out there pointing fingers at every nation but their own, screaming national security and global peacebombing necessities. For those so entrenched in the value of the military industrial complex, there’s an old saying that goes, live by the sword, die by the sword. The Federal government that is living by the sword can only survive with your participation, with your labor as their credit, your capital as their card, and your vote for whichever of the two previously chosen candidates as a clear sign that you still believe that your life matters in their world.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

The death throes of American Heavyweight Boxing

Is there even a heavyweight division anymore? I’m not being blind here, I know that there are a pair of Frankenstein’s out there that have taken heavyweight boxing from the arenas of America and placed them solidly in Europe.

My problem is not with good fighters holding titles. My problem is with a land called America, with a history of heavyweight boxing champions, going stale and stagnant in that division of that sport.

It’s not like there’s not incentive. In fact, the problem may be that there is too much incentive. In the day, of the greatest heavyweight champions ever (and I will give exception to a chosen few that have profited greatly), fighters were there to make a living, but they were there more so for the belt. It was a sport of sacrifice and pain, and a man that was average to below average in everything else could be the (lights and glitter) heavyweight champion of the world. Now I’m not even sure there is a single American boxer interested in it, at least from the media apparatus we are exposed to.

I know quite well that the old devil, Don King, swam right across that pond once his bread and butter, heavyweight boxers, held shop there. He goes where the money goes. But just because he goes there, does that mean that there is some unseen power that says the well bred men (OK, a bit of an embellishment) of America cannot be chosen and driven and trained to be the heavyweight champion again?

It’s been a long time since America has had a champion in the heavyweight division.

You can go back to 2006, when Shannon Briggs, the world-class six foot 5 inch bricklayer, pulled one out of his sash in the very last second of the fight to win the WBO ‘shampionship’. He summarily lost that belt in his next fight, to the Russian Sultan Ibragimov.

From there, we have to go back another year when Hasim Rahman won the title in an interim decision against Monte Barrette, and then was claimed full WBC champion after the challenger Vitali Klitschko bowed out due to knee injury.

If we continue to look back, we increasingly see American heavyweight champions until there are American heavyweight champions exclusively. Regardless, the drought is five years, an eternity in the boxing timeline. The reasons for the drought might be many, or few. I see a few possibilities:

1) Don King has control over the pay-per-view rights of the heavyweight belts, and sees more profitability in Europe than in the USA. Therefore, he has decided to back European fighters almost exclusively, and has given American fighters the shaft. Don King, “only in America”. What a salesman.

2) The greatest heavyweight trainers in all history have simply kicked the bucket. There are still a couple out there, but they represent foreign fighters and not American. There has been little transfer of wisdom in America, and therefore the trainers of today are literally starting from scratch.

3) Boxing, like so many other things genuine to America, has been emasculated by an ever-increasing PC and soon to be bankrupt society. The only good citizen is a simpleton.

4) Soccer. Tennis. Golf. I list these because they are the dominant sports put forth before children these days, and are all non-contact and PC. Plenty of room for digression here, bur I digress from that.

Perhaps it’s over for the life of boxing in America. It’s hard to say with the ever-evident popularity of mixed-martial arts and the octagon. But still, there is a division called heavyweight, in a boxing ring, where once champions like Johnson, Dempsey, Louis, Marciano, Frazier, Ali/Clay, Norton, Foreman, Holmes, Tyson, Bowe, Holyfield and all those in-between gave us minute to minute panic and raging heartbeat in anticipation of what might happen. I miss it. I want it back.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

No Justice for All

The authority of any justice system the world over is a farce, their laws are a farce, and the actors are a farce.
No matter what they tell (spell) you is happening, they are acting under commercial law in entirety, all citizens are considered corporate (dead) and are tallied on books like equipment. The entire purpose of a man in the capitalist nations is as a tool of labor to further enrich those that have deemed themselves above us all.
It does not matter if they are calling it common law or ecclesiastical law. They cannot go back far enough to give themselves title over anything. All borders of nations and states are fictional things, just as all borders of laws written on paper are fictional things. They cannot establish the origin of their authority over anything. The Vatican and the holy see are good at faking it with canon law, but even they cannot show where God the Creator has ‘trusted’ them with the ownership of the planet called earth. They can show you a book, and call it the word of God, but until God tells me different, it is a book written by men of men and for men. So if all ecclesiastical law is a farce based on hearsay, then all law following it is also a farce, and hearsay, and since all western law has at it’s origin ecclesiastical law, then all law is de facto.
So they run the commerce scheme because then they can claim that it all comes down to contract. We as citizens offer our consent for the government to do whatever they want to us. We readily their admit their authority over us at every step of their interaction with us. We ‘understand’ and ‘yes sir’ and piss ourselves because we don’t want to get into trouble. With our head shaking yes, we’ll follow them down the entire path, into an agreement to be seized and jailed, then pay them to let us free as long as we sign the paper, then through their courtroom act in 3 parts, we’ll pay some bozo stranger to support it all and call him our ‘counsel’. Heck, we’ll even sign the judges orders and sentence ourselves to prison. We consent the whole way to our own doom, and at any step if we don’t consent they have to pull out their only real power, which is threats, harm and intimidation until fear drives us to consent again.
All of this courtroom theater is based on laws I never agreed on, did you? Do you have any idea how many laws, statutes and codes are on the books? Its 10s of millions. There are so many laws that essentially everything is against the law. How can a constitution be in effect if everything is against the law? How can their be a single right when everything is wrong?
If everything is illegal, and there are no rights, then society has been carved into 2 classes: slave and master.
All paper is hearsay. Just because some black robed phony calls upon some law doesn’t mean you ever consented to their authority or agreed to that law, nor should you. If you don’t give it away, you have the exact same dominion over the earth as does every other man, no more, no less. If you don’t believe in that, and instead hand your entire life into the hands of strangers in uniforms, robes and suits, then the consequence will be slave and master.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Rich is as Rich Does

Yesterday I wrote…All money is simply the value of a man's labor converted into a form of capital. Unfortunately for Americans, that capital is not backed by anything tangible and so is easily manipulated. When the Frauderal Reserve banks inflate the money supply without care, and ship all Federal Income Tax to their coffers as 'interest' on the fraudulent debt, they are devaluing a man's labor, making him 'worth' less than he was the day before.

Meanwhile, filthy stinking rich scumbags exist with more capital than they or 5 subsequent generations could ever spend, and even if they did it would be on worthless material crap. When a man says he is worth millions of dollars, what he is really saying is that he is worth the labor output of millions of people, which he has confiscated and hoarded to the detriment of the masses. The wealth of a rich man is built in increments. Each increment represents a poor person. How many poor people will it take to make your corporate fantasy of riches to come true?

A reply to this statement was this...'Chewy I am glad it is always someone else’s fault!! I am upper middle class/lower upper class and I got that way by joining the army, getting good grades in high school, going to college, taking out loans AND paying them back, I don't have a criminal record, and sacrificed to get ahead. Now I have some @#$% like you trying to act like I did it on the back of poor people. Stop blaming everyone else and take some responsibility.'

First, I'm not talking about 'upper middle class'. That is not rich, and if you think it is your just stroking yourself. Rich means never having to work. Rich is pushing paper around to double then triple exponentially the pile of dollars, hoarding it and piling it forever. If a man has the ability to work and then enjoy the fruits of his labor, so be it. Make the capital, and then spend it. This is the only way any system can work. It is the line that is passed where the money is never spent, and grows so monumentally that it can never be spent. It is used as a giant weapon against humanity. It becomes a giant trophy made of poor people glued together with fear and doubt and sorrow. If this man that replied is interested in reaching that point, of living and walking on the backs of millions then guilty as charged. And you know the most glaring indicator of the guilt? The fact that he replied at all in defense of himself, and all his worthless curses, which I have dispelled, are icing on the cake.

Never would I wish everyone to be poor, but instead everyone should have a chance to gain an equal share, and any argument saying that arena exists is misguided and foolish. If it is necessary to destroy and crush anyone in your way in order to gain your castle, and it is all about the survival of the fittest in nature, then we truly have not evolved beyond the basic animal.

Friday, January 7, 2011

This is the end, beautiful friend, the end...

We live in the end times of a failed and degraded economy. The only possible answer to anything is print more money. They can't possible do anything else. They shipped all of our industry to people willing to work for a quarter a day. They regulated and legislated the crap out of small and medium businesses locally, it’s hardly worth it to run a business anymore. They brought in a ship load of foreigners to fill jobs in our most rapidly growing job sector in technology. They borrowed more than they ever should have, or were allowed to, as a balanced budget is a distant rumor. They beat up on other nations to seize their resources, currently a failure in progress. They bailed out banks until the banks could eat no more, belched, and then ate some more. They passed enough legislation that essentially everything is against the law. They have kept secret as much as possible from the taxpaying citizens. They have continually promised more and more aid to the incompetent while taxing the competent to the limit, all in favor of buying re-election. They have given citizenship to the corporations . They have sold their privilege to coin money. They have given away all of the nation's gold. They have made church a state institution (see flag, left side of altar, yellow fringe). They have kicked the hornets nest then spent an unfathomable amount of money to keep us secure from the hornets. They have made us the least free nation in the world. They have round filed the constitution. They have offered wide open borders to drug dealers and terrorists. They have committed fascism on our industries. They have sold our infrastructure to foreigners and strangers. They have extracted generations of labor, converted it to capital, then shipped it overseas. They have killed the gulf of Mexico. They have stolen public lands. They have usurped state's rights. They have lied continually to progress their agendas. They have acted as kings and lords over the people. They have numbered us. They have named us. They consider us their cattle.

Who is they? Anything with the name of the anti-constitutional government claiming to be an authority of the people of America. It exists in Washington DC, a 10 x 10 mile piece of property owned by foreign interests. It has bureaus and agencies and administrations and services and banking cartels all there to make sure you silly little herds don't even think about reverting back to that silly old goddamn piece of paper.

The End.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Value of a Man

What is the value of a man? We have in the Declaration of Independence of 1776 the great statement that all men are created equal. If that is the case, then when does the diversion take place that makes it so some men are created more equal than others?

Can a man’s value be placed on his work output? If this is the case, then shouldn’t a man that works with more energy than another be of greater value than any other? Shouldn’t the farmer have the fortune due to him for his work?

If this is so then where does intellectual energy come into play? If a man can think of a better way to farm, and then passes that information to the farmers, making their output greater according to their labor, then shouldn’t that man have a greater value than those he aids?

What if another man discovered a way to gather groups of thinkers with groups of farmers and came up with many original ideas as well as hybrids of existing ideas. Shouldn’t that man have an even greater value?

And what if other men came up with ways of gathering together many groups and conglomerates, and offered them infrastructure and security from invasion, as well as regulating the groups that created better farming, or industry, or fishing, etc. Shouldn’t those men be given even greater value than any others?

Then there’s bankers that have capital to loan to the men that create the world that provides the ability for select men to decide the fate of all the groups and all the conglomerates and all the organization. Shouldn’t their ability to print money to create loans give them an even greater value than any other?

How many more levels can this keep going until nobody is working but the farmer? What value is there in people that push paper around and determine the value of others? When do we as mankind take ourselves into consideration, and with humility decide that each of us is worth no more than any other. Just because you see a homeless man on the street doesn’t mean that man would not have incredible contributions to us all if it weren’t for the world the system has thrust upon us. It also means that just because a group of men have finagled their way into unquestioned authority does not mean they have an ounce of greater value than most certainly the farmer, not to mention the homeless man.

The pre-apocalyptic world contains the greatest division between two classes of people. The first is the destitute. This great majority has slowly and completely been pushed into a position of subservience, and restriction and continually de-valued labor. They are reliant on large corporate organizations to determine their particular situation of living.

The second is unbelievable wealthy. They are masters of converting a man’s labor into capital. They can devalue a man’s work output step by step until it is worth next to nothing. Their goal is to not have to ever actually labor, physically or mentally, and so by continually manipulating men by manipulating the value of their labor, they conquer nations and civilizations. These people hoard wealth in any way possible. They create situations where they hold all the power over a mass of people, and then all of the resources, and then direct events so that they will have an even greater grip on as many men as possible. Their contributions to mankind are increasingly negative until their machinations harm everything. Their existence is completely egocentric and their empathy towards life is zero, while their addiction to corporate things is unending.

A level of greed has been reached where a few people are quite capable of destroying the entire planet we call earth. These few consider their version of bliss of greater importance than any other men, or even the earth. They hide behind corporations as a tool and disguise by which they can pollute or destroy or harm anything with impunity. They are faceless, soulless hoarders of the units of value of a man’s labor.

They are worth no more or less than the least of us. It is time they were treated that way.