Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Looking Out of the Cave

It took me 15 years to accept that everything I had been told to believe, and did believe, was a complete shadow of the truth.

I think the first time I grasped that not only my life, but the lives of a nation, of a world, could be programmed to believe anything was in reading Plato's Allegory of the Cave. His characters stared at shadows eminating from a fire burning from behind them. Ours eminate from a television screen.

There is no way that we could all be so easily lulled into zombie couch potatoes were it not for the television. It has taken over our lives as a master of all our senses. Our every desire becomes meeting the standard the pictures and sounds set before us.
I tell people you are what you put into every hole in your head. If you let something dictate what you should put into every hole in your head, then you are what it wants you to be - it's slave.

After 15 years of no newspaper, no network news, no more categorization of this or that, eventually no more talk radio, I can finally begin to see that there is a light at the entrance of the cave. I have immersed myself in reading and gathering as much information from the internet as well as the classics as I have time to, while away from the master's fields. There have been many nights, sometimes extending into days that I am in a state of mental shock and fearful awe at the truths I have been blessed in seeing. Many times it is the completion of a web of information that is troubling individually, and downright horrifying when the pieces are tied together.

I think I have developed a numbness to those feelings. I'm not saying I can't be scared, I am just a great deal more accepting of the fact that If I want to survive this world, I have to be able to fight to the death without hesitation or remorse to protect what I love, which is my life and the lives of my immediate family.

We can't stop what is happening people. Ron Paul can't stop what is happening. They'd assassinate anyone in a second that stands in the way of their twisted fantasy. That doesn't mean I quit. It means that I can see a great many paths converging toward a huge reset of society and humanity, and when that happens, I can only be prepared to fight on my ground, my level, with the weapons I have. I have and must continue to strengthen my mind, to strengthen my body, and most importantly to strengthen my spirit to face the tempest.

These fools planning whatever the hell on earth they are planning will eventually fail, because like us all, they too are human. And once again men of goodness will rise and the cycle will begin again. Too often we are lured into the belief that we are no longer biological machines living in a world susceptible to the laws of nature. We are at our core rooted into the same basic programming that all of nature is, which is that life forms with the strongest attributes in a particular environment will flourish. These fools will destroy the very environment they are strongest in, and when that happens, I would like to emerge with survivors that are strong in the coming age of this earth.

That is the light at the end of my cave.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Thoughts on Iran

Iran is accountable. Their nation is accountable for taking United States Diplomats hostage 27 years ago. Their nation is accountable for trading arms illegally with corrupt United States politicians in exchange for release of those hostages. Their nation is accountable for rhetoric against the United States over the years that has been threatening against the people of the United States.

Were these the reasons behind the constant, threatening, war-mongering pressures put on Iran by the Bush administration, I could perhaps be more accepting. But they are not. Instead we are faced with another set of weapons of mass destruction excuses by our federal politicians, one of myriad of impossible to believe failures in representing the American people.

I don't want Iran to have nuclear weapons. In fact, I don't want Pakistan to have them either. Most importantly, I don't want Israel to have them. If you want to keep the threat of nuclear war, and possible global annihilation, from starting in the Middle East, then all parties involved must be placed on an even playing field. That arena cannot be everyone has nukes. It must be nobody has nukes. I'm sorry, but I don't care how many Jewish owned banks are in charge of tanking the U.S. economy, we don't owe Israel a dime or a minutes protection.

Isn't it enough that we supply Israel with billions of dollars in aid, as well as our most advanced weaponry, whenever it is called upon? And what have they done with it? Brought America to the brink of total economic collapse, foreign policy collapse, moral collapse, and military collapse. We also have to ensure they have the ability to harass their neighbors with nuclear destruction without the assurance that they too will be destroyed. That's the bully's dream, and the United States supplies it.

The only reason we are in Iraq, that we are going to attack Iran, that we constantly meddle in the affairs of every single Middle Eastern nation is because of Israel. It can't be because of oil. If you think that, then just look at what has happened to the cost per barrel of oil since George the First decided to storm the desert. Before his failure to finish what he started (an amazing trend by our public representatives), oil was below $20 a barrel. now it is over $90. Within one years time we will see gas prices well over five dollars a gallon because of the father and son blunder team. And despite all this, we are still looking to attack yet another Middle Eastern nation. What about Syria, and Egypt, and most recently Turkey. You know these nations must be next, threatening as they are to Israel. The commitment of United States military assets to Israel's machinations, this unfounded belief that their corrupt society somehow still holds a true covenant as God's chosen people, is pitiful. There is no Israel of Moses, Joshua and David anymore. It has succumbed to greed, gluttony, power and corruption. Because of this, God will fulfill the other side of his covenant, the part where Israel loses it all to the benefit of its enemies. If the United States as a nation integrates ourselves into their dealings, then we too will be faced with our destruction.

The days of the United States playing world's policeman are over. It benefited us for a time, and we profited from our muscle for quite some time. But now, no matter who we threaten, attack, befriend, or ignore, the U.S. economy is going to crash big time. Before that happens, we need to be able to defend ourselves here, not in some foreign land, squeezing the last bit of profit for a few elitist nut jobs in charge. That means no more aid to any nation worldwide. That means the United Nations can move elsewhere and pass phony, meaningless resolutions and sanctions. That means the foreign policy of the United States must be based on what is best for the electing people, not the elected poison ivy-leaguers. It means a lot of bad before a lot of good. As has always happened in U.S. history, we will see men of greatness and vision once again arise from the ashes. Perhaps it is you? Perhaps it's expected of me? Whatever the case, it has to happen in the US of A, not in some god-forsaken desert on the other side of the world.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

The Government that Hated its People

Once upon a time there was a dream of freedom. It began with a precise and complete declaration - a Declaration of Independence from a maniacal monarchy bent on the enslavement of any and all to appease the lust and gluttony of a very few aristocrats.

That declaration was soon backed by a group of brave men and women willing to lay down their lives to establish their own form of government - a government of themselves, backed by constitutional law, and separated into many layers of power in the form of states united and branches of government in check.

But like all things controlled by men, the trusting fell prey to the greedy time and time again. As wealth was established it soon became consolidated. As one group of enslaved were
"freed", plans to form new principals of enslavement unfolded throughout the generations.

A government founded by people that loved freedom, and through that, loved each other and themselves, brought forth the power for a people to believe in themseslves, and to create and expand their minds as a precursor to their pocketbooks.

And through that, the government loved it's people, for they made the government powerful. And as that power grew in wealth and arms, the greedy looked to takeover that power as part of their gluttony. And the trusting saluted the flags and sang the songs and believed that the government they loved still loved them back.

How tragic a time it is then, when these believers must slowly face the outcome of their trust. Their jobs are sold for pennies to foreigners. Their money and economy is given away to foreign banks and governments. Their morals are divided and destroyed. Their children are sent to war to die, and indebted as if indentured, as are their children and their children for generations to come. Their lands are polluted with foreigners that have no loyalty or care for the lives of the people. And finally, their freedom is destroyed and their lives become property of a maniacal oligarchy bent on the enslavement of any and all to appease the lust and gluttony of a very few aristocrats.

And so they must gather again men and women of bravery and purpose. Men and women willing to declare their independence. Men and women that love their freedom so much that they will demand with their lives that the government they live under will love them as much as they will love it. The people were impassioned, the government hateful of them. But as has happened throughout all of history, every time, the people won out, and destroyed those that would take and not give.

As you read this, ask yourself, are you a giver to this nation, or a taker? You cannot be both, you must decide this instant if you are one or the other. Takers beware, for there will come a time, very soon, when the givers stop giving. Find a big rock, and hide.