Monday, March 1, 2010

The Judgment of Gods

Who or what is it that has the authority to pass a law that takes away my freedom in the least? Are there men and women that are born with a higher status, a greater intellect and the favor of God while I am doomed to their indenture? How can I be subjected to a representative government, when those that represent me are people I have never met, have no stake in my life or the lives of those I love, and have sworn oaths and dedications to people and entities far different than me? When laws are created as binding social contract, how is it that I am a part of that contract? Did I sit in chambers and hash out the details of a wide sweeping legislation written in a legal language that even I don't understand? Is my signature on the final draft along with the signature of every other individual that will be expected to adhere to it? And even if it is well thought out and necessary in the minds of its creator, does that mean that this law will fit the circumstances of men across the nation and the world? And even still, when this piece of social contract is broken, will the guilty parties be allowed the same interpretations given by its creators at its inception? Will those creators be there to ensure fair proceedings and due process based on their original intent, or will new parties with new agendas and ideas place upon an accused man the ever-increasing weight of a yoke that is government and law? Nothing about man made law exists in reality, in truth. We are bound only by the laws the creator has determined. These laws can't be found in an ancient book or text, and just like the laws of today, I was not there to witness God's voice and action and bind myself to them. That doesn't mean there is not truth in the writing, it means that the writing itself is not synonymous with truth. All law, whether put forth by government or council, or by religious institution, or by one's self is a voluntary contract. When you get a driver's license, you sign your name and bind yourself to a contract with the motor vehicle laws. When you stand before the judge, you state your Name as corporate identity and are asked to UNDERSTAND the charges, once again binding you to contract. When you are found guilty, you are asked to sign the judge’s orders, binding you to a contract of incarceration. This doesn't mean they couldn't do all this if you didn't sign or agree, but they would be doing it against the will of God, for only God the creator can truly be your Judge unless you allow other men of questionable nature to do so.