Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I Had No Idea

Who is surprised? Who is still waking up in the morning, seeing the towers burning, then the people bailing, then the catastrophe? Maybe you don’t agree with the analogy. Maybe you so trust deceptive strangers with a disastrous track record, that nothing seen, heard or known can sway you. Maybe you’re a banker. Maybe you’re a lawyer.

The latter’s own everything because they told you they do. They thrust their worthless paper in your face, tell you it’s the most precious thing in existence, and with a happy bleat you take it. Then you dole it out to the orgs that suck you in and suck in your script in exchange for worthless crap made in Enlsavementland, sponsored by Jeweleryland. The credit you can indenture yourself under is still out there to be had, despite the complete and total sham the economy has become, and it is because only by continuing to forward their false and valueless paper can they keep you working and producing to only eventually give away everything you are materially, then physically, and finally spiritually until all that is left is downer cattle.

I guarantee that a majority of the people reading this still subscribe to the njewspapers and still watch the network and cable njewscasts, waiting and watching for some sign of remedy or apocalypse. What a fraud your life has become if you are doing this! Who do you think pays for the entire thing? Do you think it’s the advertisements? That’s butter on the bread. The whole PR of the scam artists to keep you (un)informed and believing is designed, coordinated, funded and injected straight away in to your brain. Every second you give to their propaganda machine is marked and applied as beneficial to the cause of turning your God-given free-will into a pile of blubber, physically and mentally.

I wish I could offer any one of you remedy. The only remedy I can offer to any man is to myself, which includes my security, freedom, and the Holiness of God. Who else is going to do it for me, or you? If you are pointing to some stranger outside your living flesh and blood then you are truly deceived and a disciple of the hell on earth you will ultimately manifest.

There is no solution within the system of orgs that are the pyramid scheme. There is only a further usurping of the lives of men. You cannot gain an equal footing thru any org. All orgs are by nature intended to give advantage and power to a few over others. It doesn’t matter the nature, and it could just as easily be your sewing circle as your Fedcoat government. You have to take control over you. You are responsible for your security, not the fraud artists lying lawyers ‘law and justice.’ You are responsible for your freedom, not some complete silver spoon poison ivy league strangers in a strange land writing laws in an alien language you are not allowed to interpret. You are responsible for the relationship as God’s living being and with yourself and God, not some poser in robes acting like he represents, when in fact he represents the instrument of torture and murder, as well as a shiny brass plate for you to put your ‘render unto Caesar’ into.

Don’t like it? Then keep paying ‘the man’ and wondering why life isn’t what you thought it should be. Or, keep defrauding the people and living life with a bankroll of cursed money and whores and drugs to last. Either way, you have contracted, and you will fulfill that contract.

The Prophet taught us that we are to love God with all our heart, mind and soul. The only way this can happen is if we love our self with all our heart mind and soul. Then the prophet taught us to love our neighbors as we love ourselves. He said on these 2 things all the commandments hang. That means all hundred zillion laws the lawyers have created worldwide to make everything against the law. In fact, nothing is against the law until you either break the commandments of the prophet, to which only the creator (you) are the judge and determiner of repentance, or until you agree and contract and by choice put these lawyer frauds in a position of authority over yourself. Every time you under-stand-under and agree and sign on the line you are telling them you are a fictional character that can and should be judged by posers and frauds in an illusionary system.

God and the Pledge

TJ gave it to us straight when he said we were endowed by our creator with certain unalienable rights. He never mentioned a prophet, he never mentioned a cult, he never mentioned a faction of religion. He knew that even these middlemen were there as further means of control of the people. Follow whatever organization you will, but all orgs are manipulators of individuals within a group, defining the standing of some over and above others. This includes religious institutions. Too often we confuse and combine church with God, knowing full well that if church were God there would be no need for a thousand different factions and hundreds of religions and this book and that book.
The attack on God is excused by the body politic as upholding the separation of church and state. But if you can break away from the 'my beliefs or hell' mentality of the religious devout, you will see that there is no call for the separation of God and State, and truly no religion represents God, but in fact represents an organization of people.
God the Creator did endow us with rights. Life, liberty and to be able to pursue happiness are the cornerstone to the Bill of Rights. Every single amendment in the Bill of Rights was already a God-given right to begin with. But governments, and other orgs such as religions and PACs prefer to subjugate those rights as rights diminish the power of the org to control. The orgs give the impression that without the org the rights given by God could never be. In fact, those rights are yours personally to claim between yourself and your creator.
Should you have to publicly say 'god' in pledges or on the cursed money supply? I think not. In fact, pledges are swearing oaths and we have been taught by the prophet to not ever swear to anything. We do not need contracts through oaths with orgs of men as our honor exists in our sacred bond with the Creator. But if the idea by the body politic is to remove God from our minds because God is getting in the way of some twisted plans of fraud and rape and murder, then I must invoke my God-given rights to their fullest potential.
Chief in this is my God-given right to defend myself and my family using any means necessary. If this means I have to use a gun then I do. It doesn't mean I need a 50 cal machine gun (yet), but if it did I would still be within my given rights. My body (Heart Mind Soul), and as a father the bodies of my family are sacred holy items to be protected at any cost from those that despise God and despise Love and despise Truth. When the deceivers remove God they then feel they can remove all rights, and when people accept God's removal, they will have abandoned their only worthy bond with the Creator and replaced it with demented contracts of deception, fraud and illusion.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Ghosts in October

Perhaps ghosts aren't the only mysterious entity people will believe in. Considering the ease of which a man’s reality can be formed simply by changing his perceptions, I have no doubt that many people believe in ghosts, or demons, or aliens or the Mayan Calendar’s ending of the world. I myself have never seen any of these things. Their existence has entered my perceptions, through the eyes and ears of my senses, but I have never actually connected my brand of reality in contact with something like this. Then again, because they cannot be disproved, I would only limit myself by ever ruling these types of things out entirely.

There are, however, other entities that a majority of people believe in without having ever come in contact with them. They see them, they hear them, sometimes they even touch them for a brief moment, but these entities are no more real than a ghost or a Martian. I’m talking, of course, about the politician.

History has taught us, with few if any exceptions, that the politician is a unique kind of anomaly. Upon introduction, and re-introduction, and subsequent re-introductions, the politician is an actor’s actor. Supported by teams of dream-writers, the thing can weave a story of hope, faith and promise that plugs in perfectly to the needy collective psyche of the populace, much like an opiate fits so perfectly in the pain receptors. The money pours in, the believers wave their cloths and sing their songs, and soon the savior-beast has gained the standing so graciously granted by the faithful. And then it disappears. Like the apparition haunting the dusty stacks of some library, once the shouting is over of “I saw it” and “I heard it” the thing just disappears. But the haunting still continues.

It is impossible to have a representative government, which is what we Americans claim to have, without having access to the person representing us. You can send in your letters and faxes and emails to the missing vapor trails of a politician until your fingers bleed, but in reality you may as well address those to your local library’s ghost or Santa Clause. The entity that made all those promises and wishes almost come true evaporated from your home locale and reappeared in new form in a land far, far away called Washington D.C. Once there, the thing transmographied into the only thing it ever was: a shady rattler of chains in backroom dealings with other shades of the same caliber. Occasionally it will make an appearance, on the television or radio, temporarily morphing back into the teller of yarns about a future that could still be promising if there were just a little more belief, and it will make a feature presentation when it comes time to re-introduce itself and scare the children into voting again. But ultimately, its entire dimension that it will and must return to is one of draining the believers physically and spiritually of all they are worth.

Halloween truly is a time when the apparitions from other worlds and dimensions make their appearance. And come November they disappear again, off to their haunted house on the hill. As long as the people believe in these ghosts, these ghosts will rule the lives of the people. As for me, I will stick to the real. I will put my trust in a man that I can access face-to-face, that has a stake in my community, my family, and my liberty. Ghosts don’t have any stake in any of this. Ghosts are really only concerned about other ghosts and the phantom world they create using the energy of the people they haunt.