Friday, January 11, 2008

Enough With Compound Laws

Everything is against the law. Think about it. After 300 years of constant, unmanaged and unrestrained legislation by profiteering lawyers, by now every angle of illegality has to have been covered. Even bills that are passed with seemingly beneficial legislation have riders and hidden pork and hidden agendas that completely pollute the spirit of the bill that was originally proposed.

It's time to give the 2-bit charletons in the house and senate something to do besides dream up new reason to detain and incarcerate the "lower class" populace. I propose that all federal laws currently on the books be given a 5, 10 or 20 years stipulation of moratorium on them. By this I mean that each law has to be relegislated in a future period of time. It could simply be passed again as it's written and that's that. But if the congress can not re-pass it, the legislation in its entirety should be abolished.

Any new laws the legislators come up with should also be given the 5-10-20 treatment. The goal here is to keep federal law fresh, current and less complex, while at the same time keeping the legislature occupied with improving and sharpening a finite set of laws on the books rather than dreaming up whatever the hell they drink themselves into dreaming.