Thursday, January 13, 2011

Rich is as Rich Does

Yesterday I wrote…All money is simply the value of a man's labor converted into a form of capital. Unfortunately for Americans, that capital is not backed by anything tangible and so is easily manipulated. When the Frauderal Reserve banks inflate the money supply without care, and ship all Federal Income Tax to their coffers as 'interest' on the fraudulent debt, they are devaluing a man's labor, making him 'worth' less than he was the day before.

Meanwhile, filthy stinking rich scumbags exist with more capital than they or 5 subsequent generations could ever spend, and even if they did it would be on worthless material crap. When a man says he is worth millions of dollars, what he is really saying is that he is worth the labor output of millions of people, which he has confiscated and hoarded to the detriment of the masses. The wealth of a rich man is built in increments. Each increment represents a poor person. How many poor people will it take to make your corporate fantasy of riches to come true?

A reply to this statement was this...'Chewy I am glad it is always someone else’s fault!! I am upper middle class/lower upper class and I got that way by joining the army, getting good grades in high school, going to college, taking out loans AND paying them back, I don't have a criminal record, and sacrificed to get ahead. Now I have some @#$% like you trying to act like I did it on the back of poor people. Stop blaming everyone else and take some responsibility.'

First, I'm not talking about 'upper middle class'. That is not rich, and if you think it is your just stroking yourself. Rich means never having to work. Rich is pushing paper around to double then triple exponentially the pile of dollars, hoarding it and piling it forever. If a man has the ability to work and then enjoy the fruits of his labor, so be it. Make the capital, and then spend it. This is the only way any system can work. It is the line that is passed where the money is never spent, and grows so monumentally that it can never be spent. It is used as a giant weapon against humanity. It becomes a giant trophy made of poor people glued together with fear and doubt and sorrow. If this man that replied is interested in reaching that point, of living and walking on the backs of millions then guilty as charged. And you know the most glaring indicator of the guilt? The fact that he replied at all in defense of himself, and all his worthless curses, which I have dispelled, are icing on the cake.

Never would I wish everyone to be poor, but instead everyone should have a chance to gain an equal share, and any argument saying that arena exists is misguided and foolish. If it is necessary to destroy and crush anyone in your way in order to gain your castle, and it is all about the survival of the fittest in nature, then we truly have not evolved beyond the basic animal.

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