Wednesday, January 19, 2011

No Justice for All

The authority of any justice system the world over is a farce, their laws are a farce, and the actors are a farce.
No matter what they tell (spell) you is happening, they are acting under commercial law in entirety, all citizens are considered corporate (dead) and are tallied on books like equipment. The entire purpose of a man in the capitalist nations is as a tool of labor to further enrich those that have deemed themselves above us all.
It does not matter if they are calling it common law or ecclesiastical law. They cannot go back far enough to give themselves title over anything. All borders of nations and states are fictional things, just as all borders of laws written on paper are fictional things. They cannot establish the origin of their authority over anything. The Vatican and the holy see are good at faking it with canon law, but even they cannot show where God the Creator has ‘trusted’ them with the ownership of the planet called earth. They can show you a book, and call it the word of God, but until God tells me different, it is a book written by men of men and for men. So if all ecclesiastical law is a farce based on hearsay, then all law following it is also a farce, and hearsay, and since all western law has at it’s origin ecclesiastical law, then all law is de facto.
So they run the commerce scheme because then they can claim that it all comes down to contract. We as citizens offer our consent for the government to do whatever they want to us. We readily their admit their authority over us at every step of their interaction with us. We ‘understand’ and ‘yes sir’ and piss ourselves because we don’t want to get into trouble. With our head shaking yes, we’ll follow them down the entire path, into an agreement to be seized and jailed, then pay them to let us free as long as we sign the paper, then through their courtroom act in 3 parts, we’ll pay some bozo stranger to support it all and call him our ‘counsel’. Heck, we’ll even sign the judges orders and sentence ourselves to prison. We consent the whole way to our own doom, and at any step if we don’t consent they have to pull out their only real power, which is threats, harm and intimidation until fear drives us to consent again.
All of this courtroom theater is based on laws I never agreed on, did you? Do you have any idea how many laws, statutes and codes are on the books? Its 10s of millions. There are so many laws that essentially everything is against the law. How can a constitution be in effect if everything is against the law? How can their be a single right when everything is wrong?
If everything is illegal, and there are no rights, then society has been carved into 2 classes: slave and master.
All paper is hearsay. Just because some black robed phony calls upon some law doesn’t mean you ever consented to their authority or agreed to that law, nor should you. If you don’t give it away, you have the exact same dominion over the earth as does every other man, no more, no less. If you don’t believe in that, and instead hand your entire life into the hands of strangers in uniforms, robes and suits, then the consequence will be slave and master.

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