Monday, November 21, 2011

The Non-existent Contract with the Non-existent Constitution

What is your contract with the Federal Government? Is it the constitution? Let me ask you, when did you become a party to this contract? Is there some paper you signed, a hand you shook, a verbal commitment you made that I am not aware of? If so, I would like to know the means of that agreement, because from what I can tell I am not part of any constitutional contract.

Even if I say I believe and follow and swear to uphold the constitution, does that mean that anyone else has? I don’t think anyone has, ever. There are no signatures on the constitution. It hasn’t gone on a nationwide tour to gain the acceptance of the consenting public. For all intents and purposes, it is archived in a place called, you guessed it, the National Archives.

Do the political elect uphold the constitution, as they purport to with their hand on the bible? If so, then why are they constantly looking for ways to subvert it for themselves and their friends? Why are there millions of laws that are in violation of any number of constitutional amendments, Bill of Rights or otherwise?

Can you be born into subservience to a government? Then can’t you also be born into a plantation owner’s unquestionable authority? Is it the voting part that is throwing you off? Then how can a stranger that you have never met re-present you as a living man? Is this person reporting back to you on a daily basis to get your input and consent, to fill you in on how the next law on the stack of millions of laws is going to make your life so much better?

What about the appointed offices, which make up a vast majority of the government, and are the people that really write the laws, create the agencies, and spend the money. What is their contract with the constitution, and what is their oath to the people? Don’t they act with impunity, outside of being caught with a live boy or a dead girl?

What is the limitation that is put on their law creation if it is not the constitution? Couldn’t they make a law that states that the firstborn daughter is to be delivered to the local politicos for rape initiations? Do you think psychopaths have never accomplished divine right before now? How about if they just start the draft up again, full throttle, and kill off all the young men from 18 to 30 in some cannon fodder wet dream of death? We’ve seen that one already. I mean, really, where is the limitation of their authority? They say, “our bullshit mumbo jumbo says this,” and living, breathing men are supposed to bow down and start licking boots?

What is the limit you would put forth in your mind? Is it hearing about men, women and children in another town accosted, only to disappear forever without explanation or trial? Is it when you see your neighbor loaded onto a truck by whatever god-forsaken paramilitary forces, his wife screaming and his dog shot dead on the lawn? Or is it when you are finally approached?

There is already so much constitution ending legislation on the books it is not even funny. The entire Federal political, legislative and judicial scene is on board. They don’t believe in rights. There is more of that coming. If you can’t pay attention or don’t want to, then continue to pay tribute until it’s desperation time.

Remember, there is no constitution because there is no agreement. All terms between men are based on consent and contract. It is either that way or any corporation can march right in, take all your shit, and leave you a bloody mess simply because they want to. If that is a constitutional republic, then we deserve it.

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