Thursday, January 19, 2012

Human Needs vs. Government

If you asked most people what would make their life complete, they might respond with things like: to be independently wealthy, or own a nice car or home or go on a vacation, or to find a significant other, a spouse and maybe have a family. There are underlying principles behind all of these things and most other ‘material’ answers. People look for wealth because they equate it with peace of mind and joy. People look to things like cars and vacations because they equate it with joy. People look to relationships and family because there they will find joy and love.

In the most basic form, people seek to find peace, joy and love. I think it’s apparent that material things can’t provide sustained joy or peace, and unless you love yourself first, relationships and family are not going to cut it. Really, peace, joy and love all come from within; these cannot be provided from an outside source for any extended length of time. Even ‘Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness’ are riders on the basic human (spiritual) needs of peace, love and joy.

In no way, shape or form can any government provide peace, joy or love. If you examine the machinations of government in any time period of the history told to us, you will find that government is the opposite of providing these things. It is necessary for government to take these things away under the guise of providing them in order for government to survive and grow. The carrot of peace, love and joy being lead before the horse of humanity is hung from a stick that is fear, hate, enemies, war, angst, anguish, worry and stress. We know that we can never reach the carrot as long as the stick is there, but for some reason we believe that the stick has purpose, and without it the carrot would disappear.

I keep seeing sales pitches. I keep hearing slogans. I keep finding that my enemies are declared for me, as are my allies, and they are always nations or factions or organizations that threaten government. And I keep seeing the same loop that I see in every organization, a loop wherein the many are lead to meet the goals of organization, always to their behest and dissatisfaction (lack of peace, joy and love) and always to the profit of organization and the few that command it. It’s a 'give this of yourself and you might get this back, but don’t count on it'.

It is my heartfelt belief that if we, as intelligent creatures of mind, heart and spirit do not break away from the covenant that government is absolute and necessary we will have set the stage for our permanent demise. Every man, woman and thing we ‘vote’ into office under the promises and salvations that this time it will be different, has harmed Americans and the planet in heart, mind and soul to a greater degree than did the officers preceding. If my mind is sold on the truth that government is a necessary thing, and my mind tells my heart this, yet my heart knows that government is anti-peace, joy and love, then inevitably I will suffer, as will the vast majority of the populace. I hate to sound so new age wishy-washy, but governments are lies in my mind and that is something my heart can believe in.