Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Keeping Our Heads in the Game

It seems like once a week, many times more frequently, there is some drama broadcast into the consciousness of the nation that literally takes up almost all of our spare thought energy.  I’m not talking about just recently here; this has been a cyclical occurrence since, well, as long as I can remember.  The means of the dramas unfold with the variations of firecrackers exploding in an Independence Day sky.  The populace at large stands below and oohs and ahhs at the site of each new mind catcher, oblivious to what’s actually going on at ground level.

The last thing I ever want to do is diminish the importance of anyone else’s sorrowful circumstances and suffering. But at the same time, the last thing I want to do is proliferate that suffering with my own (and everyone else’s) constant attention toward it.  The recent string of tragedies, whether gun related or alcohol related or what have you that have blown up the media waves recently are all very important events, but only within the community of people that are directly affected.  It should give the rest of us pause for reflection, but in the grand scheme of things there isn’t a damn thing any of us can do about it.  No matter the amount of pining away, vitriolic fist waving, or worrisome tears, none of it will change what has happened in the past.  Can we learn from these events?  Perhaps, but all that most of us know about any of it is what is relayed to us by storytellers in the mainstream media.  Their version of actual events must be precisely tailored to garner the greatest amount of advertising dollars per minute.

It’s obvious that the media loves murder and death.  It is why no media outlet (outside of local) even gave a mention to the shooting at a local high school in my town a couple of months ago (Normal Community High School).  The reason it was passed over is that a teacher reacted quickly by bravely tackling and subduing the 14 year-old with the gun.  No one was shot and no one was killed.  Mothers weren’t uncontrollably sobbing over the covered corpse of their child.  Bystander SWAT forces weren’t setting up a perimeter for hours waiting for the killer(s) to either run out of bullets, or off themselves.  In short, if there is no tragic terrorism to shock the viewer’s minds with, there is no story to tell.  Another testament is that the media has failed completely to report that an armed citizen is what ended the killings at the Oregon Mall two weeks back.  There is no profit in proper behavior and heroism.  If the media cannot make each reader/watcher/listener feel emotional pain and stress, their advertising will fail.  It happens on all levels, and for those that still watch, read, or listen to the advertising machine in action, the psy-op loop that these corporations perpetrate on the populace becomes quite evident if looked for.

It’s not just obvious that the media loves murder and death.  It is just as obvious that the average American loves media.  A friend of mine and I were talking about the latest Newtown, CT tragedy and I had little to offer him that was a solution or 'news'.  I expressed that my intent was to not let it have too much influence on me because there’s nothing I can do about it, nor do I want to.  I have my own little dramas to play out without piling on the stress of big money media’s latest sideshow (and that is not taking away from the depth of the heartbreak, it is only pointing out that the media could care a less about people’s pain or feelings, dead children or the security of a school except when it comes to advertising dollars).  My friend felt that he somehow owed it to the tragedy to give it a great deal of his time.  Granted he had some connection to it through a survivor/employee at the school he had known for some years.  My point to him was that none of his mental focus on that was going to make a bit of difference in the end.  I summed it up by saying that dozens, if not hundreds of children die horrible deaths every day.  It’s no less tragic than this, but can you imagine if that’s all you thought about all of the time?

I guess you can say I learned this lesson to a degree when my high school Alma Mater, Columbine, experienced the same terroristic horror over 13 years ago.  I took it hard back then.  It was one month after my wife and I had lost our first baby in a stillbirth.  I watched and watched and watched as the news cameras replayed the same shots and scenes, and analyzed and reanalyzed the tragic circumstances in every conceivable manner.  I literally poisoned my own mind with the media virus.  I’m sure the whole event is one of their greatest cash cows ever, and one of the worst ways I could have treated my own psyche and spirit.

Then 2 ½ years later came 911.  It was again the media circus and advertising moneymaker.  That one has been played out and is still playing out, every time with more insurance, beer, cars and trucks, and megamart advertising to rake in huge profits for the corporations of America and the world.  I’m hoping I learned my lesson from those and countless other brought-to-you-by-the-media supershows.  As long as the majority keeps watching with wide-eyed captivation, and then buying products from the advertisers that play in the in-between, this will be the America we know, permanently.

The best any of us can do is to keep our thoughts focused on what we can reach with our five senses.  That is the only way we can have influence, create changes or learn from the experiences of others.  Watching television stories and reading tales from the dark side in the papers is a piss poor substitute.  We need to keep our heads in the game; our game, our family's game and the game of our communities.  If we are all constantly looking to far off tragedies, how prepared can we be if those tragedies take roost in our neighborhood? 

For now, if even for a little while turn off the channels of programming targeted at your mind by an ever profiteering corporate media apparatus.  Create your own channels.  Start small if you must.  And then if you must watch that which is created to take from you, keep the mindset that very little of it is for the good of other people, but most exclusively for the good of corporate media moguls, and international corporate advertising agencies and sales forces.  People are getting filthy rich from showing the masses the perpetration of the filth of humanity.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Are we there yet?

Are we there yet? Not even close. Not enough people are sick or dead. Not enough babies are deformed or stillborn.  Not enough layers of the ecological web are irreparably damaged. No, the balance of the scales, reality versus the advertisement of disreality are still horribly imbalanced.

This issue, while monumentally important, is only one of many on the table these days. Nearly everything that corporations and the Father corporation (Federal) have their hands in destroys the environment and people in some form or another. It may not be instantaneous, it may not have outwardly noticeable effects, but one can rest assured that everything to do with a banker's government is driven by profit and profit only.

This nation is owned by the most insidious soulless hoarders of wealth imaginable. Steven King could not devise a set of characters so black-hearted and evil. The harm and death of life is inconsequential, in fact it is beneficial to their system of extortion and collection of labor value. They hate the very animals they herd and claim to own, they poison the very land and resources they claim as their property, they undermine the very system they claim to operate under. Every move of the top of the hoarding pyramid is disseminated and followed, or the those that don't are eliminated.

Any notion that Americans live under a constitutional republic or anything remotely similar to a representative democracy must be dispelled by the populace. We can no long look to lying lawyer's false promises to be our salvations. We cannot adhere to societal contract when that contract has been violated to its core for decades if not centuries. We must commit our labor value to life and not the death worshiping corporations.

Every ounce of energy and thought we willingly give to the defacto authoritative organization only empowers it. Every media news tale should be considered a black magic spell against us.  The energy the system runs on is based on the faith of people.

"When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.--That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, --That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security..."

This is what it was about. This is what it is about. The government called Federal is every bit as dictatorial &  detrimental as that of King George, and IMO far worse. The advertised sanction that is a government of the people is nonsense, as its every action and every action of its corporate offspring are representative only of profiteering and piracy.

We owe it to ourselves to snatch the present from those that have abandoned life.  We owe it to our children and our entire ancestral line to place our faith & belief in our own selves first and foremost. We owe it to our mother earth to exorcise the cancerous lesions we Her children have allowed to grow as a fatal disease.

Here is what provides remedy. It isn't revolution or taking of arms, all that has ever done is restart the same old top down pyramid schemes that have existed since the falls of Egypt and Rome. What's needed is a revelation. That revelation means that the veils of fear that keep people looking at the untruth, namely the advertisements and false prophets of the corporate political apparatus, must be done away with forever. The ego's death grip on our sacred hearts must be put back in its box and locked down. All of this must be done individually, before anything can ever happen collectively. It doesn't take the whole of the populace to make it happen, but it does take enough to get the scales tipping back toward the favor of life once again.

Everything a man brings into his senses will ultimately define him & shape the powerful focus of his mind. Everything a man puts out to be received by others has equal effect. We must start the change by disconnecting from the media and political falsehoods, & we must not act as repeater hubs for these false messages. Every ounce of energy we give to the corporation is the power it feeds on. It is the sugar for the cancer. Every ounce of energy we dedicate within ourselves & those we come in contact with, that is a rallying cry for life, short circuits the system. It is the system's spells of black magic versus critically thinking men's spells of white magic. Our every thought and word defines not only us but everything around us if the focus remains. When we think, speak, write and feel toward the positive of man and life then inevitably man, life and earth will change, heal and triumph.

When our neighbors come to us seeking confirmation and repetition of the poisonous messages they are addicted to, then like all addictions we must deny their quest to be enabled. We cannot treat an addiction by coddling it and empowering it with our acceptance of it. We cannot treat dis-ease by feeding dis-ease in any form. All healing comes from the powers instilled in life's every form.  All dis-ease comes from denial of life and integration of the corpus of systems and organizations.

Deny the poisonous advertisements. When they are brought into conversation change the topic to life and love or abandon the messenger. Finger pointing and blame, as well as the 2 dimensional either/or choice systems are hallmarks of limited thinking. Expanded and enlightened thinking does not allow itself to be encapsulated by party or sect. It ever desires new learning, enriching knowledge, and the opportunity to teach and mentor.

The system's most glorious triumph is in keeping people from being aware of truth. It starts by keeping living men from awareness that they are powerful spiritual entities, living within a body of life. It must constantly broadcast via channeled programming the opposite: that men are equipment to be used, depreciated and scrapped. The labor value of a man is considered property to be taxed and devalued through fiat money systems and draconian defacto legislation. Without these fictions and the men that have been spelled into believing them, the power of the system is impotent and void.

The most glorious triumph of God the Creator is His creation. We are an integral part of that, but only if we as Children of God work as God would have us within our Dominion and as caretakers of the beauty and life He has also Created. We cannot be that and be a corporate android at the same time. There is no gray area here. We either honor creation and receive the blessings of that, or we dishonor ourselves and life. This is the true freedom and choice of our lives.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Rights of Slaves...

The Rights of Slaves...

There are none.  The end.  Period.  Finished.  Terminated.

The Rights of Free Men: Infinite.  Unyielding.  Perpetual.  Unencompassed.  Natural.

There is no in-between.  There is no definition of certain rights on paper without the removal of all others.  If paper grants 10 Rights in a Bill of nebulous interpretation, then all other rights are removed.  If a man’s freedom is defined by utter slavery, minus 10 Rights, then a man is slave.  Considering the lack of absolute definition of any words on paper, and that all words are open to interpretation, even secret interpretation, even those 10 Rights are destined for subversion.

When the freedom of men is taken away by words on paper, it is no different than title of ownership on paper, over men.  At that point men are property.  If paper can be used as a determination of a man’s status as free or less than free, then men are property.  The question then bares, property of whom?

Who creates the symbols, spells and sentences that paper holds, the black magick that binds men to it?  Who is this singular entity that holds the favor of gods, that claims the authorities of gods, that acts against the children of God with disdain, and pleasures itself with the pain, suffering and toil of men.  Who is it that makes such a claim of divine standing and immortal station?  Where are these messiah that hold the hearts, minds and lives of sentient beings with the contempt of a hateful slave master?  If the power is real, if the divinity is tangible, then come forth and claim it, unequivocally.  Provide your backing from the gods via something other than the deceptions of paper, and weapons of fear and death. 

If so powerful are you, then what is the reason for centuries of deception?  Why must the very source of your authority and power be shielded by mountains of paper, each fiber and ink blot a testament against the freedom of men?  Surely the supremacy must be absolute, and so the paper must be unnecessary?   But the existence of the paper is also a testament, a testament that the very source of all this control and ownership is simply more empty symbols on that which will burn from the smallest of sparks.

From the first word to the last, it is all fictional.  It bears no more standing in truth than the simplest of fairy tales.  There is no divine backing.  There is no source of power and authority.  There is only the void, covered over with shreds of parchment and the weak black magick of impotent deception.  It is cowardice.

In the beginning of all of this deception was the word, and the word was without form. It was void. And then it took form on paper, and the heartless lies began.  Once the words formed on paper the void was masked, and then veiled, and then covered with infinite layers of that which is only more of the void.  All paper is of the void.  All paper is void. 

I proclaim that all bindings of men written on paper are void, here and forevermore.

The only word that exists in fact, and holds any honor or bearing is the direct word of living men.  That word must be impeccable, and the truth in it must be unyielding.  These are the conditions of freedom.  Anything less than that highest challenge, means slavery.

Slaves are dictated their “rights”.  Free men dictate their life.  Which are you?

Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Truth of the Prophecy

The Prophecy is true.  No matter how much energy is put up against it, the Prophecy will remain true, it will come to a head, and then will be completed in monumental fruition.

If you are at this point asking, what Prophecy, then all I can offer you is conjecture and assumption.  These in reality add up to nothing, but require belief in order to get the message across.  There is no writing, as far as I know, that accurately and clearly depicts the prophecy(s) of our ages.  Even if there were, those writing would still provide no more factual evidence than my just saying so.  All things written on paper are 100% hearsay, and the factual acceptance of all paper can only occur on an individual basis.  Once you realize that is the case for everything put before our eyes to view and read, our ears to hear, and our other sense to encounter, then you can have the freedom to define your life mind in any manner you see fit.

Which is what has brought me to Prophecy.  I do believe a Prophecy exists, even if at the greatest level, it is my own.  I also believe that even if I am the originator of Prophecy it has every bit as much power as if some character from an ancient book revealed it.  If we look at one ancient book, the Bible, we can see its greatest Prophecy culminating in the visions of John in the Book of Revelations.  There are many ominous and telling points in that book, but it is also very chaotic and nebulous in much of its explanations.  It is my belief that book has been purposely misinterpreted, rewritten to be confusing, and then published en masse as a means of distraction.  Even were it not, there is still the basic message that all power will come to a head, face a single point of failure, and then fail catastrophically and apocalyptically.  This is the Prophecy I speak of, and it can be reflected within every known Prophecy in the history of Mankind.

If one takes a serious and critical look at the reshaping of nations, the conglomeration of power, the increase in violence and despair, the deception of governments and religions, and the greed and avarice projected from so few onto so many, I think the only conclusion to be made is that the wished for “New World Order” must happen.  There is no stopping it.  Sure there are your gunslingers and wordslingers out there, determined to hold it back, but in the swing of things none of these men or groups of men, no matter their determination, will be able to hold back the tide.  It must happen in my estimation in order for the Prophecy to progress.  Then entire pyramid must be built and the capstone must be put in place.  At this point all men will be under hierarchical control culminating in one man as dictator.  All freedom of thought and action will be monitored and eliminated.  All resources will flow to the top, and those at the bottom will be responsible for holding up the layers above.  It really isn’t that far away currently, it just hasn’t been titled as such.  Make no mistake, when it is, when it is all revealed for what it is, there will be no questioning it, not revolting against it, nothing but fear and awe of it.  When that capstone is finally set into place, then will the true Revelations begin.

As quickly as the power is garnered, so too will it fail.  When the single point of failure, zero redundancy of the pyramid is laid bare to the masses, it will collapse from the bottom to the top.  Each layer will lose all confidence in the protectionism of the layer above and the solidity of the layer below.  Each layer will destroy its own organizations and the sabotage the layer above.  The three-dimensional domino effect will come so fast that no amount of deception, violence or war mongering will keep it propped up.  All the way to the top it will destruct until the very capstone is cast out into the desert.  Those who were first will be last, and those who were last will be first.

Any notion that all mankind is going to escape from this unscathed is foolish.  Quite frankly, a vast majority of mankind not only deserves the Armageddon of the Prophecy, they are the exact source of it.  Were men willing to think for themselves, none of this would be happening.  But men in this end of age are easily deceived.  They hand their lives over willingly to fraudulent thieves and murderers for the false promise of security.  Men are so deceived that they will fight to the death in favor of what is destined to kill them.  It is delusion that mankind lives by.  And whenever that has happened in the past, Prophecy has been necessary to reveal the outcome of such poor intellect.  A vast majority of men have pissed their lives away, and that vast majority are in place to receive their just desserts.  I’m not a fan of that, I don’t want to see it, but the unsustainability of the current system and its poisoning of the planet is due to the incompetence of mankind in whole.

The reorganization of civilization, the entering of a new age, a new agreement between men based on honesty and symbiotic nature, will require a mass extinction event.  The dreams of frauds of their New World Order will be realized, as a necessary precursor to the fulfillment of the Prophecy.  Neither can be stopped, no matter the efforts, means or manipulations.  And a new age and new world will begin.

That is my Prophecy.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Systemic Cancer and the Host

Instead of looking at a human body as a host under attack from alien compounds (GMO, poison, radiation, diseases), using its own systems to eradicate them, let's look at the society causing this through the same lens.

Focusing on the west, but really any nation in this age of men, mankind are much like the battle we are talking about here. On one end of the spectrum you have a small percentage of parasitical, viral and cancerous organisms that have a single-minded purpose of taking over the host. On the other end of the spectrum you have a small percentage of identifiers, attackers and would be destroyers of the parasite. In the middle of all that you have a massive host that is acted upon. The host for the most part is oblivious to the attack or the battle being waged for its survival, outside of the aches, and dis-ease it realizes (is informed about, i.e. pain) on the surface level. The host body, despite knowing that pain = something wrong, will pass it off and wish it away, often times with get-well-placebos (and poisons) from the doctor, or in this scenario political/religious/scientific figureheads. When the pain goes away yet appears again elsewhere, the cause, effect and continuing symptoms are passed off as unrelated.

Because the host is relatively oblivious to the constant attack on it's very life and existence, it will assume that the host body auto functions of immunity and cleansing of toxins are operating efficiently. What that body is shown as the best and only method of that process, turns out to be a slick deception by the very viral cancer infecting it. The alien virus convinces the body that the effective destruction of that body is the beneficial necessity of its survival. The real host body defense is compromised, marginalized, then ultimately arrested and destroyed.

Once that happens the cancer is systemic, and the virus seeks to leave the host in search of another to start the process over again. The host is left to languish and die in a sea of chemical toxins we'll call chemo-radiation.

When the host body gives energy to the parasitical infection in a vain attempt to keep itself alive, it is feeding the very 'sugar' necessary for the parasitical element to flourish in all its cancerous guises. Voting for a new director of cancerous infection isn't a fight against it, it is akin to changing from candy bars to ice cream (i.e. D to R). Cancer loves this thinking, and therefore promotes it with all its power and will.

Feeding the parasitical virus (paying tribute, taxes) is ever advertised as necessary, and ever increases. The cancer grows and demands more and more from the host body, ultimately taking more than the body can give, and thereby destroying it. Even when the host body is being taxed beyond its ability to produce (debt, national debt), it still believes in the parasitical virus's advertisements that the cancer is the cure to the cancer. It's own cell bodies have been tricked via channeled programming that in order to survive they must feed the cancer that wishes to kill them.

Once the cancer has taken over every aspect of the functions of individual cells, collective cells, and the host body in entirety, the individual cell bodies will fight to the death in support of their own death. All healthy communication is severed, and all cell bodies act to the benefit of the viral cancer.

This is where we are at right now. While there are many aware, many on this message board for instance, those many and all the rest still spend a great deal of their cellular function feeding the very beast that is determined to kill it. They will vote; they will support political party, religious faction, and scientific pacification over survival of self or the whole. I fear it is not just too late, that it was too late decades if not centuries ago. This form of cancer is ages old, and unless a miraculous natural cure comes about, the host body called mankind is doomed.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Believe It...

Everything written is based on belief.  There are no 'facts' since all communication is an exchange of interpretation, opinion and recollection of things we encounter with our five senses, or most often things other people have given as their own belief (sometimes declaring 'it's a fact!').  Even if a majority of the people living on earth agreed that some order of things was real, it would still be belief as the exact opposite could occur at any time.

This leads into what we living in a land formerly and currently known as the U.S.A. are experiencing.  Enough people share a belief in an image, produced by a system called government, to make it that the image is deemed fact.  Take for instance, the phrase 'land of the free, home of the brave'.  Now I'm sure that there are a lot of people that believe in that, while "in fact" they are free to do nothing and wouldn't do a damn thing about it even if slavery were spelled out with chains and whips.  But yet they believe they are 'free' and have the 'brave'ry to maintain that.  The same goes for democracy, republic, representative government, rights, liberty, and that all men are created equal, to name a few.  These are all built up images, posited in the minds of the masses via massive advertising and voluntary repetition by the herd mind.  But my belief is that a close examination by someone with the desire to remain outside and look in will reveal that none of this is even remotely true, that it is a monumental scam set up by incredibly great sociopathic manipulation.

There are myriad reasons why the deception known as government follows the same looping morph from liberation to dictatorial fascism.  Greed could be sited as the most common driver of the manipulation, usurpation and ultimately ownership of the lives of men.  But if one took stock of the seven deadly sins (lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy, pride) you can easily place those in every level of the pyramid, multiple times over.  Those are the icing on the cake.  Those are the fringe benefits of a zero liability position of control over public funds, law, resources, security, military and so on.  As a government man climbs higher up the pyramid, that man is farther away from any liability, far from being reached by the throngs of people on the ground below.  Government considers living men, and all life for that matter, their property.  Doesn’t an owner have the right to destroy his property?  Can’t living men be property?  You may say no, that’s slavery, but yet a slave master reserves the absolute authority to rape, sell, overwork, destroy and kill the slave.

The ultimate rush, high, and goal of bureaucrat and politician, of the governmental organization and corporation, is murder without repercussion.  All of the extortion, and deviant sex, and forcing masses into desperate situations of poverty, strife and fear, as well as hobnobbing it with similar ilk, are a distant second to killing people, or taking the natural life of anything for that matter.  The perceived power inherent in that must be intoxicating, because the perpetrators of murder on all levels seek ever-greater means of committing murder, and not being held accountable for it.

When cops have unbridled authority, basically shoot to kill license and oftentimes orders, then they act with such impunity.  As do their bosses, and their bosses bosses.  As do the manufacturers of the uniforms, the badges, the utility belts and weaponry.  The lawyers that bastardize the legal authority are responsible, so are the public elect that champion it. The unions are responsible since they are knee deep in it.  The manufacturers of the cars, radios and any other equipment used in the crime share in it.  So do the corporations that are the only beneficiaries of the police to begin with.  And ultimately, the people that kowtow to the system in a false belief that the police actually protect them are complicit in all of it. 

If you asked any of those organizations or people if they were complicit in murder they would absolve themselves of it, wash their hands Pol Pilate style, and let someone else deal with the liability.

This government was founded on murder.  There were people living on this continent long before the 'founding fathers' arrived, with their profit driven motives and revolution for land holdings.  There was a genocidal holocaust long before the self-proclaimed victims of such, who coincidentally funded it all quite willingly every time it has happened.  The United States of America was created by killing living men that inhabited the land.  It was acquired by right of conquest, which is no right at all.  It was taken by means more severe than we are seeing against the people living here now.  Rest assured though, those means are easily repeatable by the men of government, and since they share no conscience or liability for any of it, they simply just do.  Ultimately we are all the purveyors of our own demise until we can act in a manner outside of that, and find liability and accountability in the actions of men at every level.

So these are some of my beliefs.  I'm sure they are sticky for some people, to have someone say that you are complicit in murder as long as you support murder, in any fashion devised by organizations of deceivers.  That's a jagged pill.  I'm not excluding myself from that, BTW, I'm just trying to seek a truth wherein I don't have to include myself in that effed up premise.

If you're angry at this, and want to call me a name, even if it's racist, like say ‘Palestinian’, what do I care?  I don't have the first clue what a Palestinian is.  I’ve never entered their home, shared a meal, exchanged my images with theirs.  Oh I know what the njewspapers and njewscasters tell us, but I've never lived a day in the life of a Palestinian.  But a bigger problem, and one that takes serious consideration, is that despite all the bullshit sold to all of us on a 600 channel 24/7 advertising network with intended programming, do any of us know what an American is?  It's all image, isn't it?  The flag, the song, the pledge, the vote, the constitution, and ultimately the declaration must be fictional images otherwise each would act in the manner stated and designed to. 

Name one that does.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Who Owns the Land?

Do you own a piece of land ‘property’?  Do you know someone that does?  How is it that property was transferred from an original owner to you?  Where did that person obtain the rights to that property?  How far back can we go until we find the original owner of the land property?

Does Federal own the lands of North America?  They sure do act like they do.  If they can tax anyone for anything, arrest anyone and create the laws to charge them with, post facto, or just send the military machine to blow up whoever they want to whatever extent they want, then they must own something.  But then again, where did Federal acquire its titles to landholdings?

We know for a fact that men lived on the North American continent long before the banker’s missions killed them all.  Despite the attempts to degrade the existence of these men, with terms like blood-thirsty savages and redskins, they were actually men, with a symbiotic civilization that treated the land as the most prized possession, and each other with reverence.  These aboriginals never claimed to own any land, but yet they were constantly hounded to sign treaty admitting to such in order to keep the invaders at bay.  Sooner or later, even treaty got in the way, and so the age-old formula of inciting violence as an excuse for war ensued, and genocide was then justifiable.

So now we have a system of governments and banks, backed by religions and sciences, claiming ownership of lands that none of these entities has a bit of legitimacy over.  How can the ownership of any property be valid if that property was stolen from murdered men?  If you are one to applaud the right of conquest, then perhaps it would be OK if armed thugs broke down your door, shot you dead, enslaved your family and laid claim to all your former possessions.  Don’t believe that can happen, that you live under the protection of the big boy on the block?  That big boy has proven time and again that it can and will destroy anyone for any twisted reason it deems necessary.

There used to be an open claim of divinity by monarchy (government), and of course there still is by pope and priest.  Nothing could be farther from the truth.  These claims are made so that factions of men can have ownership over things and not have to produce an original title, or prove that the holdings were obtained justifiably.  Through the claim of divine right, men can say ‘god said so’ without having to prove that God did anything.  Then, using force of arms, these same men can commit divine conquest (AKA Crusades, national security) against any people that dare not pay tribute to their holiness.

Government, in this day and age, is the new god.  Governments, under the authoritative guise of symbols written on parchment can claim universal dictate.  All that must be done is to write more symbols on more papers making it so.  There are many apologists out there that claim the necessity of government to represent men and their property, but a closer examination reveals that these same men take advantage of the relationship, and profit from the criminal actions.  These are the protectors of government.  These are the men that applaud war and police power over the people.  They fly their war flags in everyone’s face, demanding their brand of patriotism from the masses, under penalty of death for non-compliance.  It is these men that expect their piece of the pie at any cost, men that will stand by and delight at the harm and murder of anything that might hinder their profit margin.  Most are deluded into the idea that the government machine will take their side if push comes to shove.  When that time comes, they will be sadly mistaken as the top levels of the murder for money game show no quarter to anything below them.

Which brings the entire argument to this.  The Federal Government, the State Governments, in fact any government, has absolutely no valid claim to ownership of anything.  Oh sure, there are some slimeball lawyers that will create words on paper, have some fraud sign it and then call it title or deed.  Those words mean nothing.  Under that auspice some men can simply write down legal words and take anything they want, including life and liberty of living men.  These words carry no authority because the claim to ownership is through ill-gotten gains, namely murder, theft and fraud.  Additionally, the system behind the words, government and we the people are fictional entities.  They simply do not exist in reality, only on paper, stacked up in a mile-high grim fairy tale.  We the people does not include living men, how could it?  If we the people were real, and all inclusive, all men would be fully informed of everything, gain an equal share of everything, have as full an authority as any other man.  Government would then be completely transparent and completely accessible.  But we know that is not true, and that we the people are used as an excuse for those claiming ownership of the people and land to violate any and every ethical purpose they deem fit.  Ultimately, fictional government represents fictional we the people.  Through this relationship, they claim ownership over lands and property, ownership that is fraudulent. 

If government owns the land, then I demand to see proof of original title that they received such ownership from.  An original owner must have transferred ownership to the current proprietors in order for the claim to be valid.  We know this is not true.  Not only were the people living on the land systematically murdered, and the land they lived on seized, but whatever claim those murdered people had existed between them and God.  Does government have proof of transfer from God to government the ownership of the land?  Of course not, though I am sure that any group of lawyers will gladly draft up some fraudulent legal crap that purports such a transfer, complete with god’s signature.

The truth is that the only thing government has to back up it’s claims is weapons and fear.  The very second living men deny government their claim of ownership over lives and property, those men are attacked in any number of ways.  Government has made sure, through its educational system and media propaganda machine, that its first line of defense is the very people it subjugates.  They back the fraudulent claim by exhorting it as truth.  And through that action, they grant government the power to do anything, expecting of course that it will ultimately profit them to do so.  Those that back murderous government are complicit in its crimes.  Those that perpetuate the lies that fictional things are real are insane. 

They know that if government cannot produce honorable claim to property, then they too will have no valid claim to their property.  It will be the end to the American way of take what you can, while you can, from whoever you can, at any cost, including murder.  The nation was founded upon it.

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Rights, Privilege and Law

How is it that rights can be granted that are already inherent in natural law, and as natural rights?  The constitution, and the Bill of Rights are wonderful idealism, but in reality neither has an ounce of power and the Federal government is proof of that.

Are the rights of men to be compounded into 10 little amendments, all of which are completely open to interpretation, in order to exist?  In my estimation, those rights are a beginning to restriction of government.  But government, namely Federal, has made sure it has no restriction, and the 'rights' supposedly handed down by the founding fathers are revoked 100 times over, the Federal bureaucrats just haven't seen fit to enforce the laws claiming them so yet.

Unless you live in TV lala land, which is quite likely in this end of age, you would be well aware that there are more than 80 million Federal statutes, codes and by-laws, all in violation of the constitution, and all in violation of the rights of living men.  It is this way because corporate governments run by bankers have no empathy, care or feeling, and view 'citizens' as property; cattle, sheep, dogs and as long as we bleat and moo and bark, they are happy to do so. Property has no right, it has privilege. Governments provide privilege and expect hearty payment, via energy labor, in order to grant it.  We essentially pay in a form of taxation 10x over so that government can control every part of our lives.  These bureaucrats dole out privilege in exchange for the alleviation of the very fears they create with their policies of discontent.

It all falls back on the belief that the constitution is a social contract.  Contract exists only under certain conditions: complete and full disclosure, no coercion in its agreement, terms are satisfactory and unchanging for all parties involved, and all parties agree via witnesses or a mark of some kind, like a signature.  The constitution is an agreement between a fictional 'we the people' and a fictional 'government'.  Neither exists in fact, it cannot, as it has no energy on its own.  Each must suck the energy of living men in order to exist.  It is also why the social contract can be changed without notification or acceptance of protest any time the purveyors of gun and propaganda wish it.  As grand as the idea that the there is a supreme law of the land is, that supreme law is butt-wipe for filthy rich extortionists and murderers, hell bent on taking everything and giving nothing but a dirt nap to anyone that stands in their way.

You cannot rely on revolution. Revolution replaces government with government, and unless I missed it somewhere, all governments throughout known history are top-down pyramid schemes of extortion and suffering.  Federal is no different.  In fact, it may be the greatest pyramid scheme government ever contrived.  But like all pyramid schemes, ultimately it collapses in on itself.

Here's the deal.  You are the determiner of your rights.  You determine the law. It is only the incompetent man that needs others to dictate control.  Is that you?  Don't you know the difference between right and wrong?  If not, then perhaps you do need to be enslaved to keep you from harming others.  Which comes to the only law that needs to be known or practiced: Do no harm to life, any life.  I cannot conceive of any law necessary outside of that or in addition to that, because all law is just a fracturing of the law of one.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Blah Ram U.S.A

“Consider, for instance, the problems involved in persuading a traditionally pastoral people to use the plow.  Their previous image is one in which the life giving grass grows spontaneously over the landscape and is preserved and utilized to feed the livestock on which the whole society depends.  The very first step of the new process is to plow the grass under, to destroy the familiar life giving green carpet and replace it by a waste of barren earth.  Not until the seed is planted, is grown, and yields its crop, will the new image be firmly implanted and in the meantime the old image which has served generation upon generation must ruthlessly be destroyed or devalued.”
-Kenneth Boulding, The Image- Knowledge in Life and Society

Is this what is happening to the U.S.A., Canada, and the West?  Are we now a ‘pastoral people’, and have been for some time now? Not in the true definition of the word, as shepherds on the grass covered plain, but as wanderers tending the same paths and having the same expectation, regardless of dire circumstances in clear view on the horizon?  Maybe, in the pastoral sense, we are the sheep, being tended by the shepherds, shepherds who know without a doubt that the grass that has fed their flocks for generations is in imminent failure.  We the sheep just eat and bleat with the expectation that the grass has always been there and always will.

I saw Mr. Boulding’s passage above and wondered if the failed constitutional experiment is being plowed under, since it has become unsustainable in nearly every way it needs to sustain itself, at least in the capitalistic consumer driven form it has morphed into.  I will fully accept that that is going to happen whether purposefully or not, but the machine and purpose behind that plowing under is what is giving me pause. 

I think that an original plowing under probably took place in 1776 through 1810, wherein a group of rich men was able to publish declaration and writ with such magnificence that it compelled a people to abandon homeland and traditional rule of the divine right of kings in favor of government that had never been attempted at this level.  That one fantastic change in public perception of the rights of the governed versus the governors was a monumental step forward in the evolution of societal image and thought.  Unfortunately, it was a short lived one, as the original owners of all things they could point a gun at used incredible patience, political manipulation and the tactics of economic subversion to incite civil war, and create a theater of compromise in the original social contract that has caused its degradation ever since.  What is the most amazing thing to record in all of this, is that even up to today, despite every kind of egregious action against the constitution, with every conceivable excuse attached, there is still a solid image in the mind of the general populace that the constitution still carries the full power and support that it did in 1810, or any other period in the nation’s history.  This despite the fact that a majority of the populace couldn’t even begin to comprehend the document in whole or part, as ignorance of fact is the bliss that keeps the boogie men (or wolves) away.  And if the majority relies on others to understand and uphold the social contract, they are much farther away from seeing the yet to be released torrent of laws to crush the constitution and its image to dust in a very short period of time, if not already.

My concern in all of this isn’t in the plowing under, per se.  Like I stated above, I don’t believe this system of economics, politics, and relationship to ecology are the least bit sustainable.  Major catastrophes like Chernobyl, the Gulf of Mexico disaster, and Fukushima are but the advertised poisoning of the planet earth, while the full extent of poisoning, were it revealed, would be staggering to comprehend.  My concern is that those promoting the plowing under have no reason for it other than to kill off a majority of the flock in the most efficient manner without having to actually bloody their own hands with the slaughtering knife.  Then the plan is to retain the bare minimum of the herd until the conditions of the grassland become favorable again, so the whole cycle can be started anew.

Essentially, a truth to be held self evident, is that a small fraction of people consider themselves to be divine above the rest, and hold that they should reap reward and profit at every turn, no matter the circumstance, at whatever cost to the rest or to life.  As long as one king (or queen) is living in a palace on a hill, you can have confidence that there is a network of slimeball bureaucrats, lawyers and bankers creating the image that the royalty is necessary, and keeping themselves high on the hog, or in this instance, sheep.  There is an ingrained mindset there, one that is impenetrable, that has forever been the privileged and will forever be the privileged, no matter the circumstances or consequence.  Even if it means the ultimate extinction of all life on the planet earth, that is a small price to pay for the self anointed to keep their posh lives and command over everything, right up until they are the last person alive to rule over whatever nightmare they survey.

So here is the test.  Can enough images of individual as master be converted to survive the plowing under, to take a contingent of men, not sheep, and survive not only the plowing under, but the final elimination of false prophet, king, president, czar, emperor, pope, and the rest of the profiteers and destroyers of life?  This doesn’t mean the end to leadership, or organisation, but instead means an absolute end to privilege and accumulation of wealth through the guise of leadership. 

I have little doubt that a great many sheep are going to be harvested in the coming transition of ages.  I sadly say that for the most part it is deservedly so, as they are sheep of their own choosing, no matter the nationality, race, creed, color, culture or the like.  The sheep are those that are constantly looking to the shepherd for guidance in all of their life’s affairs, and obey the directions of that shepherd without a bleat of objection. 

These are not the actions of a man.  A man is a spiritual, intellectual and self-sufficient being.  A man is divine in his own right and development.  A sheep is a follower of whim based on elimination of fear, that sees the divine only outside itself.  A man fears not death yet cherishes his life in the fullest.  A sheep knows only what is shown and told to him, and is an unthinking grazer on the plains of desperation.  A man is in constant doubt of situation, and thus is always seeking a situation that greater benefits him in tandem with all life.  A sheep knows only that which is shown or fed to it, and rests easy knowing the shepherds are close by to save it from any calamity.  A man knows no end, only transition, and ascension as a spiritual being in an organic body, and lives firmly right here, right now. A sheep knows only the beginning and the end, and allows the in-between to be dictated by strangers.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Human Needs vs. Government

If you asked most people what would make their life complete, they might respond with things like: to be independently wealthy, or own a nice car or home or go on a vacation, or to find a significant other, a spouse and maybe have a family. There are underlying principles behind all of these things and most other ‘material’ answers. People look for wealth because they equate it with peace of mind and joy. People look to things like cars and vacations because they equate it with joy. People look to relationships and family because there they will find joy and love.

In the most basic form, people seek to find peace, joy and love. I think it’s apparent that material things can’t provide sustained joy or peace, and unless you love yourself first, relationships and family are not going to cut it. Really, peace, joy and love all come from within; these cannot be provided from an outside source for any extended length of time. Even ‘Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness’ are riders on the basic human (spiritual) needs of peace, love and joy.

In no way, shape or form can any government provide peace, joy or love. If you examine the machinations of government in any time period of the history told to us, you will find that government is the opposite of providing these things. It is necessary for government to take these things away under the guise of providing them in order for government to survive and grow. The carrot of peace, love and joy being lead before the horse of humanity is hung from a stick that is fear, hate, enemies, war, angst, anguish, worry and stress. We know that we can never reach the carrot as long as the stick is there, but for some reason we believe that the stick has purpose, and without it the carrot would disappear.

I keep seeing sales pitches. I keep hearing slogans. I keep finding that my enemies are declared for me, as are my allies, and they are always nations or factions or organizations that threaten government. And I keep seeing the same loop that I see in every organization, a loop wherein the many are lead to meet the goals of organization, always to their behest and dissatisfaction (lack of peace, joy and love) and always to the profit of organization and the few that command it. It’s a 'give this of yourself and you might get this back, but don’t count on it'.

It is my heartfelt belief that if we, as intelligent creatures of mind, heart and spirit do not break away from the covenant that government is absolute and necessary we will have set the stage for our permanent demise. Every man, woman and thing we ‘vote’ into office under the promises and salvations that this time it will be different, has harmed Americans and the planet in heart, mind and soul to a greater degree than did the officers preceding. If my mind is sold on the truth that government is a necessary thing, and my mind tells my heart this, yet my heart knows that government is anti-peace, joy and love, then inevitably I will suffer, as will the vast majority of the populace. I hate to sound so new age wishy-washy, but governments are lies in my mind and that is something my heart can believe in.