Friday, January 7, 2011

This is the end, beautiful friend, the end...

We live in the end times of a failed and degraded economy. The only possible answer to anything is print more money. They can't possible do anything else. They shipped all of our industry to people willing to work for a quarter a day. They regulated and legislated the crap out of small and medium businesses locally, it’s hardly worth it to run a business anymore. They brought in a ship load of foreigners to fill jobs in our most rapidly growing job sector in technology. They borrowed more than they ever should have, or were allowed to, as a balanced budget is a distant rumor. They beat up on other nations to seize their resources, currently a failure in progress. They bailed out banks until the banks could eat no more, belched, and then ate some more. They passed enough legislation that essentially everything is against the law. They have kept secret as much as possible from the taxpaying citizens. They have continually promised more and more aid to the incompetent while taxing the competent to the limit, all in favor of buying re-election. They have given citizenship to the corporations . They have sold their privilege to coin money. They have given away all of the nation's gold. They have made church a state institution (see flag, left side of altar, yellow fringe). They have kicked the hornets nest then spent an unfathomable amount of money to keep us secure from the hornets. They have made us the least free nation in the world. They have round filed the constitution. They have offered wide open borders to drug dealers and terrorists. They have committed fascism on our industries. They have sold our infrastructure to foreigners and strangers. They have extracted generations of labor, converted it to capital, then shipped it overseas. They have killed the gulf of Mexico. They have stolen public lands. They have usurped state's rights. They have lied continually to progress their agendas. They have acted as kings and lords over the people. They have numbered us. They have named us. They consider us their cattle.

Who is they? Anything with the name of the anti-constitutional government claiming to be an authority of the people of America. It exists in Washington DC, a 10 x 10 mile piece of property owned by foreign interests. It has bureaus and agencies and administrations and services and banking cartels all there to make sure you silly little herds don't even think about reverting back to that silly old goddamn piece of paper.

The End.

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