Monday, September 26, 2011

The D, The R, and the You...

The D, The R, and the You...subtitled the Ugly, the Bad, and the Good...

I enjoy the banter between the partisans on either side of the aisle in this 2 party Federal government. I have to enjoy it, because despising things just generates the negative, mind clogging emotions that just plain zap the life out of you. I think the most entertaining thing is that a change from this man to this man, or no change at all, is somehow going to make matters all better. If that were the case, then it would have happened in the last 50 election cycles, through which every conceivable combination of D and R mish-mash has occurred and still the downward trend on the graph of middle class American life has ensued.

If this nation were operating according to the prescriptions put forth by the constitution, the presidency and congress would have far less impact and power. America would be a republic instead of the top down single point of all decision-making oligarchy that it is. There would be localized and accessible domestic power of state and local government, and the diversity of the separate republics would dictate strength and fiscal responsibility.

Washington is only accessible to Washington. It is a district in a foreign land where dictations spew forth from bankers, lawyers and statesman, people that have absolutely no stake in your life or anyone else's but their own. They have farm sold the economy to foreign bankers 100 years ago and have created every possible type of bastardized law against the people that their twisted little doublespeak minds can nightmare up.

Vote change, vote status quo, it makes no difference in my estimation. The pace of degeneration in everything the Federal government gets its grubby hands on is at critical mass, and the world we believe exists is untenable. It is this way because men are expected to deceive as their employment, and we the people look for the best deceiver, and champion that person as re-presentative of ourselves. The people we choose to admire from afar are people that we do not know and would never be allowed to know. What we do know of them is cleverly scripted bites of doublethink that we are so desperate to hear, and know it’s a lie as we hear it, yet still believe it as our own moment to moment gospel of salvation. These teleprompted spells become the image of them to such a degree that we will fight against and betray the very people we know and love if they dare to question that image in the least.

One of the greatest disappointments of this presidency is an extension of the disaster that was the last. If anyone wants a fiscal turnaround in America then step A (and the only step IMHO) is to end the war machine. There is no greater expenditure, and no greater waste of life and capital, with absolutely zero benefit to the citizens on either side of the conflict. I’m sure there are pundits out there pointing fingers at every nation but their own, screaming national security and global peacebombing necessities. For those so entrenched in the value of the military industrial complex, there’s an old saying that goes, live by the sword, die by the sword. The Federal government that is living by the sword can only survive with your participation, with your labor as their credit, your capital as their card, and your vote for whichever of the two previously chosen candidates as a clear sign that you still believe that your life matters in their world.

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