Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Truth of the Prophecy

The Prophecy is true.  No matter how much energy is put up against it, the Prophecy will remain true, it will come to a head, and then will be completed in monumental fruition.

If you are at this point asking, what Prophecy, then all I can offer you is conjecture and assumption.  These in reality add up to nothing, but require belief in order to get the message across.  There is no writing, as far as I know, that accurately and clearly depicts the prophecy(s) of our ages.  Even if there were, those writing would still provide no more factual evidence than my just saying so.  All things written on paper are 100% hearsay, and the factual acceptance of all paper can only occur on an individual basis.  Once you realize that is the case for everything put before our eyes to view and read, our ears to hear, and our other sense to encounter, then you can have the freedom to define your life mind in any manner you see fit.

Which is what has brought me to Prophecy.  I do believe a Prophecy exists, even if at the greatest level, it is my own.  I also believe that even if I am the originator of Prophecy it has every bit as much power as if some character from an ancient book revealed it.  If we look at one ancient book, the Bible, we can see its greatest Prophecy culminating in the visions of John in the Book of Revelations.  There are many ominous and telling points in that book, but it is also very chaotic and nebulous in much of its explanations.  It is my belief that book has been purposely misinterpreted, rewritten to be confusing, and then published en masse as a means of distraction.  Even were it not, there is still the basic message that all power will come to a head, face a single point of failure, and then fail catastrophically and apocalyptically.  This is the Prophecy I speak of, and it can be reflected within every known Prophecy in the history of Mankind.

If one takes a serious and critical look at the reshaping of nations, the conglomeration of power, the increase in violence and despair, the deception of governments and religions, and the greed and avarice projected from so few onto so many, I think the only conclusion to be made is that the wished for “New World Order” must happen.  There is no stopping it.  Sure there are your gunslingers and wordslingers out there, determined to hold it back, but in the swing of things none of these men or groups of men, no matter their determination, will be able to hold back the tide.  It must happen in my estimation in order for the Prophecy to progress.  Then entire pyramid must be built and the capstone must be put in place.  At this point all men will be under hierarchical control culminating in one man as dictator.  All freedom of thought and action will be monitored and eliminated.  All resources will flow to the top, and those at the bottom will be responsible for holding up the layers above.  It really isn’t that far away currently, it just hasn’t been titled as such.  Make no mistake, when it is, when it is all revealed for what it is, there will be no questioning it, not revolting against it, nothing but fear and awe of it.  When that capstone is finally set into place, then will the true Revelations begin.

As quickly as the power is garnered, so too will it fail.  When the single point of failure, zero redundancy of the pyramid is laid bare to the masses, it will collapse from the bottom to the top.  Each layer will lose all confidence in the protectionism of the layer above and the solidity of the layer below.  Each layer will destroy its own organizations and the sabotage the layer above.  The three-dimensional domino effect will come so fast that no amount of deception, violence or war mongering will keep it propped up.  All the way to the top it will destruct until the very capstone is cast out into the desert.  Those who were first will be last, and those who were last will be first.

Any notion that all mankind is going to escape from this unscathed is foolish.  Quite frankly, a vast majority of mankind not only deserves the Armageddon of the Prophecy, they are the exact source of it.  Were men willing to think for themselves, none of this would be happening.  But men in this end of age are easily deceived.  They hand their lives over willingly to fraudulent thieves and murderers for the false promise of security.  Men are so deceived that they will fight to the death in favor of what is destined to kill them.  It is delusion that mankind lives by.  And whenever that has happened in the past, Prophecy has been necessary to reveal the outcome of such poor intellect.  A vast majority of men have pissed their lives away, and that vast majority are in place to receive their just desserts.  I’m not a fan of that, I don’t want to see it, but the unsustainability of the current system and its poisoning of the planet is due to the incompetence of mankind in whole.

The reorganization of civilization, the entering of a new age, a new agreement between men based on honesty and symbiotic nature, will require a mass extinction event.  The dreams of frauds of their New World Order will be realized, as a necessary precursor to the fulfillment of the Prophecy.  Neither can be stopped, no matter the efforts, means or manipulations.  And a new age and new world will begin.

That is my Prophecy.

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