Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Systemic Cancer and the Host

Instead of looking at a human body as a host under attack from alien compounds (GMO, poison, radiation, diseases), using its own systems to eradicate them, let's look at the society causing this through the same lens.

Focusing on the west, but really any nation in this age of men, mankind are much like the battle we are talking about here. On one end of the spectrum you have a small percentage of parasitical, viral and cancerous organisms that have a single-minded purpose of taking over the host. On the other end of the spectrum you have a small percentage of identifiers, attackers and would be destroyers of the parasite. In the middle of all that you have a massive host that is acted upon. The host for the most part is oblivious to the attack or the battle being waged for its survival, outside of the aches, and dis-ease it realizes (is informed about, i.e. pain) on the surface level. The host body, despite knowing that pain = something wrong, will pass it off and wish it away, often times with get-well-placebos (and poisons) from the doctor, or in this scenario political/religious/scientific figureheads. When the pain goes away yet appears again elsewhere, the cause, effect and continuing symptoms are passed off as unrelated.

Because the host is relatively oblivious to the constant attack on it's very life and existence, it will assume that the host body auto functions of immunity and cleansing of toxins are operating efficiently. What that body is shown as the best and only method of that process, turns out to be a slick deception by the very viral cancer infecting it. The alien virus convinces the body that the effective destruction of that body is the beneficial necessity of its survival. The real host body defense is compromised, marginalized, then ultimately arrested and destroyed.

Once that happens the cancer is systemic, and the virus seeks to leave the host in search of another to start the process over again. The host is left to languish and die in a sea of chemical toxins we'll call chemo-radiation.

When the host body gives energy to the parasitical infection in a vain attempt to keep itself alive, it is feeding the very 'sugar' necessary for the parasitical element to flourish in all its cancerous guises. Voting for a new director of cancerous infection isn't a fight against it, it is akin to changing from candy bars to ice cream (i.e. D to R). Cancer loves this thinking, and therefore promotes it with all its power and will.

Feeding the parasitical virus (paying tribute, taxes) is ever advertised as necessary, and ever increases. The cancer grows and demands more and more from the host body, ultimately taking more than the body can give, and thereby destroying it. Even when the host body is being taxed beyond its ability to produce (debt, national debt), it still believes in the parasitical virus's advertisements that the cancer is the cure to the cancer. It's own cell bodies have been tricked via channeled programming that in order to survive they must feed the cancer that wishes to kill them.

Once the cancer has taken over every aspect of the functions of individual cells, collective cells, and the host body in entirety, the individual cell bodies will fight to the death in support of their own death. All healthy communication is severed, and all cell bodies act to the benefit of the viral cancer.

This is where we are at right now. While there are many aware, many on this message board for instance, those many and all the rest still spend a great deal of their cellular function feeding the very beast that is determined to kill it. They will vote; they will support political party, religious faction, and scientific pacification over survival of self or the whole. I fear it is not just too late, that it was too late decades if not centuries ago. This form of cancer is ages old, and unless a miraculous natural cure comes about, the host body called mankind is doomed.

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coletteonice said...

Hi ChewyBees....came here from S.M..really like your words and they certainly resonate with me ...thanx and will keep checking in to your posts.