Wednesday, December 15, 2010

It's hard to fathom why there are so many people still so deceived by so few fraud artists, willing even to lay down their lives for them. People that are total strangers can manipulate and control a great many others for a perpetuity. Why?

It all comes down to the ego. The ego can be controlled and controlling in a great many ways. For the controllers (or takers), at all levels it is a disconnect, acute to complete, from manifesting the higher emotions, most notably Love. Their egos become super-egos, not because they have x-ray vision and a cape, but because they efficiently and perpetually control and take from the other egos. This disconnect from the higher emotions allows for a strong connection of the lower emotions of hate and fear and harm. This also gives them a unique ability to act like a caring and loving being and get away with it. To put it simply, they just don’t care about people except as a means to get them more things. Things are the driving force behind their existence, and sub egos are the tools of labor and energy to get it.
The other egos are the sub-egos. These egos are susceptible to the powers of fear induction the super-egos will gladly set upon them. Because the sub-egos know the higher emotions, at many levels, they also have trouble comprehending that others could be absent of them entirely. Because of this, and the giving attitude that accompanies the sub-ego, they are easy prey for the super-egos. They will believe that things will change for the better because fraud artists tell them it will. It is grandma with a checkbook listening to the televangelist preaching before the gates of a virtual heaven.
One drives fear. One reacts with fear. One takes all they can regardless of who gets hurt. One gives what they can and then some until they are on the street and destitute. One sees the children of God as disposable assets and liabilities. One sees the world through rosary colored glasses.
The good guys are in fact everywhere. It is only that the good guys haven’t figured out there are just as many psychopathic bad guys, and those bad guys hold every political office in the world, religion and science not to be excluded. The power of these super-egos is not super at all. It is only their innate ability to deceive, manipulate and control that allows them to have any power at all. In a mono-a-mono situation they would fold and lie crying, begging for mercy. But get an army of sub-egos to do their bidding, and they are a force to be reckoned with.
All organizations, with no exception, break down into these subdivisions of control and enslavement. If you can find one that doesn’t have a few controlling many and profiting from that control, then you just haven’t waited long enough. The governments and religions of the world are prime examples of this.
I often wonder why people cannot see deception and evil intent coming from a mile away. I mean really, if a lower life form like a dog or a horse can sense it, what has happened that we with our advanced, high frequency brains are blind to any of it? This is the change I would have manifested more than any other. Without the ability to deceive, they lose the ability to manipulate, and can no longer create and implement fear in the masses. That’s the day a bunch of rats start sneaking down into their underground hovels and shelters where we can seal them in until they are ready to learn repentance.

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