Friday, December 17, 2010

Are Politicians Destructive?

None of these people we give power to have the absolute purpose to destroy anything, but instead they are fixated and focused on the accumulation of things. The main thing is money, as that will lead to the ability to procure other things. They are like this because they lack the ability to manifest higher emotions such as healing and love. Instead, their ego drives them to material gratifications to fill that void.
We can never know what truly lies in the heart and mind of another man. No matter how polished the look and how ringing the rhetoric, the motivations and agenda are often times quite different as are the outcomes. It is for this reason that the approach to all men and their systems of organization must be changed and challenged. When we bow before a judge, or any public official for that matter, and consent to their authority we become slave and they become master. It matters not at this point what laws are in place or how they are interpreted. The contract has been established, and the judge at that point can pretty much do whatever they damn well feel like.
All laws operate on the assumption that the man the law is applied to consents to that law. Without that consent, there is no contract established and the law, the judge and any other purported person of authority has none. Nor do their laws, and I say 'their' because the laws are not designed as beneficial social contract, but as detrimental societal control.
It's a radical idea at first, but consider the fact that no man is in fact any less FOS as you are, and it becomes a little easier to digest. When we place ordinary men into divine positions of authority over us we get the draconian system of government the Federal Corporation has already become. We hand out entire lives over to strangers in expectations they will secure us and ensure our freedoms and treat us fairly. As we are seeing, the actors in fiction we call leaders are seeking far different agendas than they would have us believe. We can no longer hand over the keys to our souls and expect care to be taken by strangers.
There are 10s of millions of Federal laws, statutes and codes on the books, yet we haven't seen any substantial deterrence to crime or harm across the country, and the globe. If anything, we are seeing the purposeful eradication of all rights and citizenship, in favor of psychopaths with sinister intentions. The very fact that all laws are written in a foreign language called legalese, to be interpreted only by BAR associates known as attorneys and judges, should give you red-flag concern about the whole system to begin with. Add to that a constitution that is sworn by oath to by the leaders, and then immediately looked at as a hindrance to their power and chipped away against by their BAR judges and lawyers. Under any type of common sense definition, nearly all Federal law would be considered unconstitutional and stricken from the annals of history forever. If that were to happen though, what system of complete control would politicians, judges and de facto attorneys use in the place of those laws? How would they take our energy, effort and labor and extract from that the capital to procure the things they increasingly desire? If you want a solid answer to why they couldn't, read the Declaration of Independence, July 4, 1776. The whole situation has come full circle.

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