Saturday, November 22, 2008

the Second Civil War

I had an email in my inbox today, begging for money for some Republican scam artist front group. They claimed that because of Obama winning the presidency, the Democrats and their majority are going to outlaw Limbaugh, Hannity, Savage and the rest of the Hitler youth. Now believe me, I'm not in favor of any more legislation at the Federal level period, including restrictions on Freedom of Speech. But the first thing I thought of was that those bozos deserve it. They have done nothing but prop up and unequivocably support the soulless Bush family empire and their henchmen Dick Cheney, who robbed the treasury and the taxbase 10 ways from sunday without blinking an eye. All we hear from these talk radio frauds is "Clinton's Bad, Democrat Bad, Republican good". All the while they sucker people that are truly conservative into following a bunch of theiving madmen into their proft/war scam. Nothing about this last 8 years has been conservative. At the first opportunity the whole repuklikan establishment rolled out the war machine, spent trillions of dollars to bomb then rebuild a people that will always hate us and seek to destroy us, and found any and every way to subvert and destroy the constitution. Im sure that many reading this are thinking "what about the terrorists?" I say what about them. The best way to protect a nation is with an armed and well informed people that are willing and able to police themselves. Instead, we've become an impotent mob of fatass burger eaters that applaud our political hacks when they take our rights away. We wonder why the economy is suffering as the banksters loan money to any loser that wants a house, the auto manufacturers build unreliable gas guzzling boats that no one wants, and the politicians bail out their good ol boy robber barons. There will be no intention to change or pay back a dime. The terrorists are the people that currently suck dry our middle class. These are the people that will feel threatened when a jobless hungry populace begins to storm the castle gates. Then there will be no mercy from the priviledged few who will stop at nothing to protect their pathetic fortunes. Then we will all know terrorism on American soil. It wont be planes flying into skyscrapers. It will be mercenary troops in black masks knocking down doors of the citizens with FOID cards. Can't have serfs with swords, the Lords wont allow it. Terrorism will involve the indoctrination of your children into some mindless psychopathic brainwashing as those who resist are disappeared into some Canadian (Siberian) Holocaust. But don't worry, Obama is for change. He'll change your standard of living. He'll change the level of fear you live under. He'll change your bank account into a zero. And when some stupid hillbilly commits some stupid act because he thinks that (politically incorrect word) is actually calling the shots, the entire country will erupt into a chaos that makes the Rodney King LA riots look like the latest intallment at Neverland. Nationwide, the very people that trusted the powers to protect them will crap their pants as they are completely unable to protect themselves. Those that did hide their weapons will be few and far between, and soon the entire lawless nation will choose sides and so will begin the second civil war...

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