Saturday, April 19, 2008

Polygamists related - Child welfare services

I have a hard time supporting the Texas Polygamist compound's members. Not that they dont' have a right to seperate themselves from the US twisted society, but the whole 40 and 50 year old men impregnating little girls really creeps me out. It's like cavewomen with fancy dresses on.

Anyway, let this all be a lesson learned to every parent, child, potential parent whatever. The social services industry (and it is a business in this beauracratic republic) can at any time knock on your door and demand to speak to, interview, and potentially remove your children from your custody. This can occur in any state in the US. Because of bleeding heart California type legislation, anyone can anonymously call into Child Protective Services, tell them you are abusing your children, and the agency will act with a purpose to take your children away from you.
Think about this. Have you ever pissed off a neighbor, a co-worker, a person period, in your life? All they have to do to get your goat completely is place a simple anonymous tip to the family haters and your kids are gone. Not gone and the next day you talk your way into getting them back. Not gone and you talk to them on the phone telling them mommy and daddy love them and they'll be home soon. Not gone and your lawyer can work the system. Gone. Your children are gone. Maybe to some trailer park where their new mommy and daddy will gladly spend the extra money they get from fostering them on another bottle of cheap vodka. Gone to where they know nobody and are taught to hate everybody. Of course, you can continue to believe this whole time that the system is on your side and the people who snatched your children are truly on the side of the people. Only after months, maybe years, will your finally realize that your family means nothing compared to increasing a government beauracracy's budget year after year.

So here's the deal, and this is information that I hope none of us never need to know. If someone from any agency comes to your door and says they want to talk to your children, that there is a report or evidence that you are abusive, DO NOT assume your innocence is evident and that by exposing your family everything will be allright. If you are faced with a Child Protective Services Agent, even if there is a police officer there, you demand to see a warrant. You demand a court order before you let anyone even look at your child. The government has no right to enter your home, to privately interview your family members, to remove your children from your custody, UNLESS you give them that permission.

Most people in this situation are caught off guard because they assume that there is a presumption of innocence. Combine that with the aggressive behavior and insistance put forth by the beauracrat, and there seems to be nothing to do but follow along and hope it will all be OK. Understand this, there is a presumption of abuse and guilt and the government agent will snatch your children as soon as you let them. If you have anyone in your past or present that would like to make your life a living hell then you could be made a target. If you don't have anyone that dislikes you, then maybe you're too naive to read this with an open mind. Good luck to you...

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