Saturday, August 10, 2013

What Will it Take to get America Back on Track?

The most difficult part about measuring what it would take to get America back on track lies is in the realization that this country isn't off the rails in the first place.  Not only is the United States of America not "broken", as we the people are lead to believe, it is functioning exactly as the purveyors and enforcers have designed it to be.  Like all centralized governments, what it advertises itself to be and what it actually is are polar opposites.  Only once that fact is understood - that a centralized government is posing as a constitutional republic as a means to enchant the people - can the causes, effects and solutions be unraveled.

The United States of America was never intended to be a centralized government in the least, no more evidenced than in the founding documents of the nation: the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. 

The first of these two, the Declaration of Independence, is quintessential, as without it, the Constitution could never exist.  In its preamble, the Declaration lays out plainly and eloquently that the self-righteous and special men of centralized government are false, and when those government men overstate bounds and purpose, their time is at an end.  The pursuit of life, liberty and happiness can only occur when men empower themselves and disempower government. 

Where the Declaration leaves off - a need for a new form of government - the Constitution fulfills. From the first sentence to the last it envices that the Constitutional government is a government by the people and for the people.  A primary purpose of the Constitution is to outline the inner workings of the national government, and it states quite clearly that a majority of the power resides with the states, and the only boundary to the legal, fiscal, and ethical bulwark of those states is the Constitution and its ratified amendments.  The nature of these ideals, that men control their own lives by controlling the government directly, rather than hoping from afar, is counterintuitive to every aspect of the current form of centralized government in America.

The consequences of a centralized government are apparent in the failures occurring in every faction of life in America.  The downfall of economy, ecology, spirituality, health, ethics, morality, and intellectualism are only a few examples.  An essay could be written about each of those topics alone.  What is important to focus on is that each of these symptoms is caused by a singular point of failure, a parasite known as centralized government.

The founding fathers put forth a great deal of effort to prevent this from happening.  They had the bravery and ability to deny an existing, controlling force of centralized government, and then produce an evolved social contract that allowed the populace a form of government that was subdivided into unique and diverse smaller republics, each carrying equal power, and each competing for dominant diversity.

The brilliance of that idealism has always been under attack.  From the beginning it was a financial attack, using military threat and pressure as a cause to drain resources from a fledgling nation.  It is a well-known plan that the means to control a nation are to control its economic debt, and using that, the alien financial banking powers set out to indebt this nation.  Throughout the decades and centuries, those plans created a national debt that is now insurmountable.  Through that debt, a political situation set forth that forced the social contract from its intended purpose to a centralized one. 

The United States has a governmental system that is debt indentured to corporate banks that carry no nationality, nor do they answer to any system of justice.  The nation itself is bankrupt, and because of this, every state in the union is in the throes of bankruptcy, and thus must comply with the rule of centralized government law.  All state laws comply with central law, and for every state law of consequence, there is a centralized law that supersedes it.  The political and judicial factions of the centralized government are compromised and rotten to the core.  All centralized governmental decisions are made for the absolute purpose of furthering the control of the centralized government, and keeping the profit train running for those that are in the class circles of central government, all to the detriment of the people.

Additionally, a two-tier pipeline of political rule controls the so-called “democratic” political system.  At the centralized level, the state level, the county level, the municipal level and every level, all political elections and apparatus are under the direct controlling influence of the two political parties.  All decision-making for the electorate are passed down these pipelines from the centralized source of political think.  Therefore, no matter the pretension of Pollyanna campaign promise and change, all political candidates are lackeys for an either/or two party conglomerate of centralized government.  The hub of both of these parties is located in the heart of centralized government, and all political control originates from that position.  That the populace is given a vote to choose from, one of two political candidates, conveniently hand selected by the political bosses, is hardly democracy.  How can a man be represented by a stranger he has never met, never known, nor can ever come in contact with?  He cannot. 

Through this, the vast majority of control at the centralized level occurs in a district that is separate from the states, and is extremely disconnected from the people.  The elected politicians, located in the capitol to purportedly represent the people, are in reality disconnects under a constant lobbyist influence from alien (meaning absent of nationality) financial and corporate interests.  The voice of the common man is no greater than a wadded up fax paper in a trashcan.  The common citizen of the United States has almost no influence, and is anything but represented, as the elected representatives hold term in offices that are purposely walled off from the citizenry.  The entryway into these anything but esteemed halls of political influence is deeply guarded by corporate masters and lords of finance.  Like every other government in all known history, the government of the United States is completely centralized, bureaucratized, and serves a select elite while taking all it can from the masses.  The means of this political play require that the government is located and sealed off from the influence of the national citizens to the greatest degree possible.

The system and situation as it stands cannot be changed using the means given.  Those in control of it have purposefully morphed it into an anti-constitutional, anti-republic monster.  The reason for that is profit – at any cost.  The people are a nothing more than a source of energy for a conglomerate of class disconnects that suck energy out of everything.  There is no vote, or law, or political change that will make a difference.  It is impossible to change a system that is under the control of frauds, and purposefully designed to operate in a manner contrary to the change it promises.  It is this way because those in control are profiting to a level that is unfathomable.  Why would those in control ever want or allow change to a system that makes them obscenely rich, and those outside of their circle minions?  If an answer cannot be given to that question, then every other imagined solution within the current system is futile.

The United States of America is not what it purports to be.  It isn’t even close.  It takes billions of dollars in advertising every year to convince the people to believe it one thing, when in fact it is many others.  But the truth is on the table, or maybe evidenced by what is not on our tables.  The downfall of every aspect of American society can be attributed to a parasite that is bleeding this nation dry.  We the people are its host, and until we wake up to the infection, we are going to find ourselves to be servants to fief-lords that tolerate our naiveté and service until they deem it no longer useful.

The only solution goes back to the beginning.  America was initially broken away from a centralized governmental oppressor because of that government’s profiteering motives.  America developed a Constitutional republic to prevent that from happening again.  Yet after over two and half centuries, the financial manipulators and political snakes have turned it into what people were revolting against in the first place.  Back then, all money, power and decision occurred outside of public influence by a monarch on the throne.  That monarch had his colonies ripe for the picking, and cared little for the suffering of the inhabitants.  It is little different today, only now the titles have changed, but the policy-makers have the same agendas, and it all comes back to profits from the labor value of the common man.

What must happen is a dissolving of the current centralized government, to be replaced by the republic, with power residing in the individual states, and disseminating to the freedom of the individual man.  Men must have definite control of the governmental decisions locally, as well as the benefit of their tax dollars directly to their locale.

The men that bravely resisted the yoke of dictatorial powers of centralized government, and created a new social contract that placed the responsibility and liability for their lives, their liberty and their happiness directly in their hands, were responsible for the greatest evolution of civilization in all known history.  Untended, that evolution is unfortunately short lived.  As we can see from the ills plaguing current society and the world, a continuance of a centralized governmental system is a negation of the constitutional and republican system in full.  It is also the downfall of men.

From here, men of character, critical thought, and courage must create anew a declaration of independence, and a constitutional social contract, and then guard it with their lives from the demonic oppressors of profit and ill-will.  Without such action, a nation and a world will live as slaves to a system of greed and avarice that knows no justice or empathy for anything.  The means on paper is not too difficult, as the majority of it has already been written.  The hard part exists as it has always existed, which is to change belief systems from self-absorbance to self-reliance.  In truth, the greatest governor of a man is himself, guided by the expectations of those surrounding him.  Government ascends from there, rather than descending from elites commanding lives for profit from above.

We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal…

The Loophole

All law is one giant loophole. Anything that can be interpreted by men can be manipulated to any level of control or lack of control.

Combine that with all law written in legalese, by men sworn to the alien BAR, and you have a group of self anointed (lawyers) with unbridled dictatorial powers. The common man cannot know the law, it is against the law. The common man cannot argue the law, he must hire strangers to do it for him. The common man cannot even realise how the law can be applied to his life until it is, to his detriment, and beyond his influence.

Whatever this great experiment in government started out as, purportedly a constitutional republic, it has morphed into exactly what the declaration railed against in the first place. The government men and their agencies currently have, and have had for decades if not centuries, complete dictatorial authority over the people. The only thing that keeps them from unleashing that authority is that at the same time these insidious bastards must deceive the public into believing that a constitutional republic still exists. It is a tapdance, and when the curtain is finally pulled away, the only law will be delivered at the point of a gun with murderous intent, which is the only factual authority any government has in the first place.

Nothing could be further from the truth than the belief that government is what it advertises itself as. How can a constitutional republic exist when all authority is centralized in an alien district with imperialistic war think as its playbook? How can a constitutional republic exist when there are so many legal statutes open to infinite interpretation by lawyers, that literally everything is against the law in one form or another. How can freedom or liberty be remotely possible when the people are not allowed to know or control the contracts put forth onto them? Answer, it can't, and it doesn't.

The Federal Government of the United States is a top down pyramid system of government. So are monarchies. So are dictatorships. So is communism and socialism. So too was the Roman empire, right up until it burned. Those who deny this have television, njewspapers and squawk radio to blame for their voluntary ignorance. One can just view the massive amount of labor value, converted into Federal debt notes, that flows to the alien district and then disappears into thin air. When strangers write the slave code, strangers can steal and kill with impunity.

So, whenever you read the word "loophole", remember that it is no accident that a loophole exists in the first place. Nothing about the government in its current form is broken, or failing due to mysterious circumstance. The Federal government is functioning precisely as it has been planned and designed to. It is not a government of, for or by the people. It is a government that parasitically sucks the labor value from the masses and hoards in the vaults of the few.  It will continue this action as long as it can fool the masses that it is what it isn't.