Saturday, August 10, 2013

The Loophole

All law is one giant loophole. Anything that can be interpreted by men can be manipulated to any level of control or lack of control.

Combine that with all law written in legalese, by men sworn to the alien BAR, and you have a group of self anointed (lawyers) with unbridled dictatorial powers. The common man cannot know the law, it is against the law. The common man cannot argue the law, he must hire strangers to do it for him. The common man cannot even realise how the law can be applied to his life until it is, to his detriment, and beyond his influence.

Whatever this great experiment in government started out as, purportedly a constitutional republic, it has morphed into exactly what the declaration railed against in the first place. The government men and their agencies currently have, and have had for decades if not centuries, complete dictatorial authority over the people. The only thing that keeps them from unleashing that authority is that at the same time these insidious bastards must deceive the public into believing that a constitutional republic still exists. It is a tapdance, and when the curtain is finally pulled away, the only law will be delivered at the point of a gun with murderous intent, which is the only factual authority any government has in the first place.

Nothing could be further from the truth than the belief that government is what it advertises itself as. How can a constitutional republic exist when all authority is centralized in an alien district with imperialistic war think as its playbook? How can a constitutional republic exist when there are so many legal statutes open to infinite interpretation by lawyers, that literally everything is against the law in one form or another. How can freedom or liberty be remotely possible when the people are not allowed to know or control the contracts put forth onto them? Answer, it can't, and it doesn't.

The Federal Government of the United States is a top down pyramid system of government. So are monarchies. So are dictatorships. So is communism and socialism. So too was the Roman empire, right up until it burned. Those who deny this have television, njewspapers and squawk radio to blame for their voluntary ignorance. One can just view the massive amount of labor value, converted into Federal debt notes, that flows to the alien district and then disappears into thin air. When strangers write the slave code, strangers can steal and kill with impunity.

So, whenever you read the word "loophole", remember that it is no accident that a loophole exists in the first place. Nothing about the government in its current form is broken, or failing due to mysterious circumstance. The Federal government is functioning precisely as it has been planned and designed to. It is not a government of, for or by the people. It is a government that parasitically sucks the labor value from the masses and hoards in the vaults of the few.  It will continue this action as long as it can fool the masses that it is what it isn't.

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