Saturday, February 2, 2013

Surprise, You're a Communist!

The delusion of the American populace, and in fact the worldwide populace, is at an all time high.  I say worldwide because people are still clamoring to immigrate here and live the “American Dream”.   Here’s a newsflash to all you national and international fans of the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.  It ain’t anything even close to resembling that.

On the surface, America looks and acts like a constitutional republic.  Its media boasts of a Bill of Rights, a rule of law, and democracy.  Elections are held and the citizens are free to choose political leadership that will represent them in a manner that benefits the people.  There are checks and balances set in place to keep the political machine balanced and fair.  The military is operating only under the constitutional mandates of the political officers.  A protection of due process is in place to keep the people from an overzealous judicial system.  The people are free to pursue their happiness with relatively little impedance from the government or its agencies. 

For the most part, at least according to what the media tells us, the above scenarios are working as advertised.  The backing for it all, the constitution, is firmly planted and in place to ensure that government doesn’t morph into what all other governments in all history have: a dictatorial system of absolute control.

Underneath the surface, a Federal government, backed by alien banks and bank officers, is slowly and effectively eating the heart and substance out of the constitutional framework.  It is doing this in several ways.  The most notable is the constant bombardment of Federal legislation, all of which are in some form or another in violation of the constitution.  All are in violation because they are written in legalese, a language of BAR lawyers that resembles the common English tongue, but actually has its own dictionary and the meanings of nearly every word is different than presented.  The people are not able to read or comprehend the legal statutes that bind them.  Another reason Federal law is in violation of the constitution is that the laws are written to directly counter the constitution in some form or another.  Sometimes it’s the Bill of rights, sometimes it’s the procedural prescriptions of the document, and most every time its in the binding and elimination of State’s rights.  No matter the means, even one Federal law allowed to violate contract means that either Federal is operating above and outside constitutional authority, the constitution has been voided, or both.

None of this would be possible without the collaboration of the three branches of government.  The Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches are all under watch and orders of alien bankers.  They are all made up of anti-constitutional, self-serving loyalists to money, or mammon.  They are all devotees to one of two political parties that run this nation and direct the rule of banker law to every level of American society.  Many, particularly at the top levels of Federal government, are of dual citizenship, and the American half of that equation is a distant second when it comes to the decisions that are made.  Some are not even American citizens, but foreign nationals that have (with the aid of the banking elite) doctored their citizenship up with false documents and lies.  Whatever the case, all of the political leaders, judicial leaders and much of the bureaucracy of the Federal government are banker loyalists and are bought and owned.

It is hardly different in the State governments.  If it were the states long ago would have all collaboratively seceded from Federal control.  Instead, using the powerful control lines of the two party election systems, State governments are under the same control as the Federal government is, as are the county and municipal governments.  All orders and directives flow from a single source down two pipelines of dictatorship that are the Federal political parties.  This brilliant setup has ensured that the alien bankers are in absolute control over every part of government at all levels of American society.

What keeps the surface relatively shiny while the interior is rotted and consumed is the Federal media apparatus.  The illusion of a “free press” is one that has been carried on for a long, long time.  If the press were truly free there would be a great deal more authentic investigative reporting, a wider diversity of reporting, and a constant mining of information and intent of governmental working and workers.  The reality of it is that just like the two-party political system, media carries a two-party information system, known as Reuters and the Associated Press.  Both of these outlets of information are under direct control and ownership of banker loyalists disguised as free thinking corporate officers.  So are the news agencies that broadcast the stories Americans are told via print, video and radio.  The control of what is told to the absorbing American populace is absolute.  Essentially, the government, a part of an international conglomeration of banker owned corporations develops an image that it wants the populace worldwide to believe, then acts in any manner it deems profitable behind those images.

The culmination of decades of the abuse of the trust of the people is that the government that advertises itself as democratic, a republic, constitutional, fair and balanced and of the people, by the people and for the people, is in fact commi-fascist.  Enough legislation has already been written, and more legislation is and will be produced, to negate every word of the constitution.  There already are acts that state quite clearly that any citizen can be secretly arrested and incarcerated in a secret location without trial.  There are acts that allow many Federal officers to commit any number or types of murder without restriction or oversight.  There are Executive orders that create law out of thin air without any other agency of government questioning it in the least.  There are statutes written long ago that declare the American people the enemy of the American government.

So if all of this is as I described, why are the people still allowed to choose their jobs, education, relationships, and move about freely?  It is because although the laws are in place to turn all of America, and possibly most of the world into a commi-fascist state of dictatorial control, those laws have not been enacted universally.  But all of this build-up and hard work to destroy the constitution will not go without implementation.  There is a patient wait for an event of such magnitude that the past American system cannot possibly be allowed to continue, as to do so would cost the American people their lives in a fire of pain and suffering.  Following that event, the people will suck up the bombardment of news broadcasts and readily trade away their "misguided belief" in a constitutional republic for the new hope of communist dictatorship.  We will be convinced, with the backing of force, that only by sacrificing our remaining freedom can we be allowed as a species and a nation to continue.  We will be sold the idea that it is all our fault for not working harder, and not paying more money, and not having been loyal enough to the constitutional system that cost us all so dearly.  Food will become expensive and scarce, energy will be withheld, and the basic necessities of life will be taken away.  The only way we can return to prosperity, the people will be told, is to accept the new system of total control.  A starving, cold and miserable populace will take the bait and sell what remains of their souls to the satanic government that arises from the ashes of the dream that was America.

Those that resist, and the numbers will be fewer than one may think, will be rounded up and transported to concentration camps, to be worked to death or just killed outright, depending on their level of resistance.  Many men in today’s America boast of defending themselves, their families and their property using force of arms they have collected.  But when armored troop transports pull up to the driveway, and armored soldiers file out with guns that can shoot through your entire house, not to mention you, most will surrender to the will of the dictator.  Those that do not will hardly get a shot off before they are cut down in a hail of bullets, along with their family and probably some of their neighbors too.  After surrender, most will be considered seditious and hauled away to whatever hell the communist dictators have prepared for them.

Playing the waiting game, all the while believing that a constitutional government is going to turn itself around and begin to act honorably is complete folly.  If the American people cannot act, and pull the first move to hamstring the banker directives, then the American people are in for a big wakeup call.  That call will be heralded on a universal broadcast to every channel a man can receive.  The American people will awaken to the following message: “Surprise, you are a communist now!”  It probably won’t be called communism, it will likely be called new freedom or some other label the populace will buy into.  But it will act just like communism nonetheless.  All possessions and property will be of the state, including people.  And the Federal legislation that has been so carefully crafted and planted will in one fell swoop be the force of rule.  At that point, there will be no turning back.

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