Tuesday, October 26, 2010

God and the Pledge

TJ gave it to us straight when he said we were endowed by our creator with certain unalienable rights. He never mentioned a prophet, he never mentioned a cult, he never mentioned a faction of religion. He knew that even these middlemen were there as further means of control of the people. Follow whatever organization you will, but all orgs are manipulators of individuals within a group, defining the standing of some over and above others. This includes religious institutions. Too often we confuse and combine church with God, knowing full well that if church were God there would be no need for a thousand different factions and hundreds of religions and this book and that book.
The attack on God is excused by the body politic as upholding the separation of church and state. But if you can break away from the 'my beliefs or hell' mentality of the religious devout, you will see that there is no call for the separation of God and State, and truly no religion represents God, but in fact represents an organization of people.
God the Creator did endow us with rights. Life, liberty and to be able to pursue happiness are the cornerstone to the Bill of Rights. Every single amendment in the Bill of Rights was already a God-given right to begin with. But governments, and other orgs such as religions and PACs prefer to subjugate those rights as rights diminish the power of the org to control. The orgs give the impression that without the org the rights given by God could never be. In fact, those rights are yours personally to claim between yourself and your creator.
Should you have to publicly say 'god' in pledges or on the cursed money supply? I think not. In fact, pledges are swearing oaths and we have been taught by the prophet to not ever swear to anything. We do not need contracts through oaths with orgs of men as our honor exists in our sacred bond with the Creator. But if the idea by the body politic is to remove God from our minds because God is getting in the way of some twisted plans of fraud and rape and murder, then I must invoke my God-given rights to their fullest potential.
Chief in this is my God-given right to defend myself and my family using any means necessary. If this means I have to use a gun then I do. It doesn't mean I need a 50 cal machine gun (yet), but if it did I would still be within my given rights. My body (Heart Mind Soul), and as a father the bodies of my family are sacred holy items to be protected at any cost from those that despise God and despise Love and despise Truth. When the deceivers remove God they then feel they can remove all rights, and when people accept God's removal, they will have abandoned their only worthy bond with the Creator and replaced it with demented contracts of deception, fraud and illusion.

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