Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Believer

I have a blanket belief that all organizations are of controlling intent. Most do not start this way, but like a school of fish, the most important swim in the middle while the mass swims about to feed the sharks. All organizations morph into a feeder system that pyramids from top to bottom.

Religion and government are of the same purpose. Each parades actors on a theater stage, preaching the means to salvation while the plate is passed. Que the hymns of salvation to get the parishioners misty eyed, and wave the flag or the crossed sticks. Each offers the absolution from sin, while providing the very means for sin to proliferate (their definitions, not mine) so there is always something and someone to punish.
Each is quick to identify the worshiper as fallen, incapable of resurrection, and thus tied into the organization for as long as breath is drawn.

The religious do not act as their savior has lived. The patriotic do not act as the founders dared. Instead, each denies that liability, in favor of passing liability on to strangers in exchange for false promise and imagined security.

Religion and government are hand in hand in this deception. Religion is the property of the state. The state is the property of religion. The controlling members of each are the same group of brigands, with the ultimate goal of taking all of a man’s labor value, for his whole life, and leaving his existence with nothing of value to show for his life.

I have always been amazed at the executive flag, and the state flag, on either side of the altar. What purpose would the flags of government have in the supposedly holy stage of religion? The answer is that religions are corporations, instituted and contracted through the tax free status they are afforded by the governments.
I am also amazed at the use of bible and prayer in government proceedings. Why would government, which proclaims its fictional self as separate from church, use the church’s greatest tools as the foundation of its inclinations?

The separation of “church” and “state” is an impossibility, since church and state are the same theatrical creature. Some are catching on, and many more will, that this is the beast we are warned against. The beast of prophecy is that which is entirely fictional passing its imaginary existence off as the real.

No man on earth has any right to claim ownership over another. Yet through these fictional and imaginary constructs of a collective consciousness both religion and government claim this precisely. Government owns a man’s body, and therefore his soul, and religion owns a man’s soul, and therefore his body. Each is unrelenting in identifying that the power held within it is divine, even if that is not explicitly claimed, or claimed directly. Yet the men that dress up in robes, and run the stage, the set, the script and the play are well aware of a purpose. That purpose is stealing labor value for their own profit. They are pirates on the land.

This happens because the majority are ignorant of any of it. The majority place their faith in belief systems that have been ingrained into their psyche from birth. To abandon these belief systems and claim liability for self is scarier than the latest media production of the boogieman.

Which leads to what perpetuates the belief systems that uphold the deception and fraud. It is media. The majority stare at the advertisements that claim the corporate systems, in all guises, are real and necessary. Even the church is a media apparatus, sustaining its own necessity via the blasphemous interpretations of its own gospel. The masses cannot see that the very systems they worship are stealing the life and soul out from underneath them.

The only proof I need is that a man can be a millionaire, or a billionaire (or trillionaire, but they hide in the far off shadows). How irresponsible to the planet and mankind at large that a single man can collect a million dollars in labor value, not to mention a billion. While a large amount of “money” or mammon has been printed out of thin air, the backing for all of that is the physical and intellectual labor value of men. The labor value of men is the only thing that ever had value in the “world”, or will in the world to come.

When the idiots crash their own system, hoping for a reset, remember that the only value of men is earth and our labor value. At that point, we must all create with our labor a world that doesn’t include the hoarding pirates intent on destroying all creation.

Revolution is folly. It is a cycle back in to the same situation with the same consequences and failure.

Revelation is divine. It is a break from cycle and a knowing of the harm and fraud against us.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

No Ownership - or, Owner of any Ship

No person owns a home. No person owns anything. I say person for a reason, and if you are reading this and you don't know the definition of person, then start searching.

Every man, with the exception of few, knows that we are citizens of the state. That title makes us fictional constructs of the state. Therefore we are property of the state. That which is created by one entity becomes the property of the creator. As long as living men believe that they are the property of the state, all living men under conscious and consensual agreement are property of the state.

An example I give is property taxes. If you for one second believe that you own your property, then stop paying your property taxes. What do you think will happen next? I will clue you in...

The sheriff of the county will show up on your doorstep, with a "writ" and a "warrant", and threaten you with confiscation of your purported property. At that point if you resist, said sheriff will arrest you and jail you until the court sees fit to convict you of failure to honor their demands. At the same time all of your "property" will be confiscated until you agree to pay, with your labor value, the exact amount of their debt notes that they require, plus income of course because you did not comply in the first place. They have this power because living men have conjoined with the fictional construct known as "we the people", and therefore have further conjoined with the fictional construct known as "government".

Government exists because people believe in it. It is a god system. government never has to produce itself, and exists in any place it deems because living men believe it has the power to do so. Think about this for a moment...can you, a living and actual real thing be in two places (or more) at one time? Government can. It can be in D.C. and your backyard and anywhere else because government persons said so. Can anything real be in two places at once? Can even the chair you are sitting on be in D.C. and your space, at this point in time? A sane man would say no.

Government is eerily similar to the god man we are also supposed to believe in.
Government and its religions, or corporate organizations, are all imaginary constructs of a collective consciousness. Each and many more have been implanted into our minds as a means of control. Men follow these imaginations as a belief system, a system of looking to a higher power to save our collective asses from our own folly. Yet these constructs are not doing what we believe each should be. Instead each are dedicated to taking our labor value in exchange for killing us slowly and causing us to kill each other, slowly or with immediate effect.

How can any of us live our roles of men born of God the Creator while we are explicitly following the directions of those that want us to follow a fictional construct that acts as a god? Aren't we as the children on the Creator actually destined on this plane to be the Creators of our lives and the universe? Still, we look to strangers with false credentials and incredibly false promises to be the saviors of our lives. These false prophets we look to (profits) are nothing more than the haters and killers of mankind, hell-bent on securing their exclusive lives to the chagrin of all that live outside their shiny castle walls.
What are your belief systems, from birth until now, and how binding are each? Only you have the means to change that. Love it or leave it.