Sunday, July 22, 2012

Who Owns the Land?

Do you own a piece of land ‘property’?  Do you know someone that does?  How is it that property was transferred from an original owner to you?  Where did that person obtain the rights to that property?  How far back can we go until we find the original owner of the land property?

Does Federal own the lands of North America?  They sure do act like they do.  If they can tax anyone for anything, arrest anyone and create the laws to charge them with, post facto, or just send the military machine to blow up whoever they want to whatever extent they want, then they must own something.  But then again, where did Federal acquire its titles to landholdings?

We know for a fact that men lived on the North American continent long before the banker’s missions killed them all.  Despite the attempts to degrade the existence of these men, with terms like blood-thirsty savages and redskins, they were actually men, with a symbiotic civilization that treated the land as the most prized possession, and each other with reverence.  These aboriginals never claimed to own any land, but yet they were constantly hounded to sign treaty admitting to such in order to keep the invaders at bay.  Sooner or later, even treaty got in the way, and so the age-old formula of inciting violence as an excuse for war ensued, and genocide was then justifiable.

So now we have a system of governments and banks, backed by religions and sciences, claiming ownership of lands that none of these entities has a bit of legitimacy over.  How can the ownership of any property be valid if that property was stolen from murdered men?  If you are one to applaud the right of conquest, then perhaps it would be OK if armed thugs broke down your door, shot you dead, enslaved your family and laid claim to all your former possessions.  Don’t believe that can happen, that you live under the protection of the big boy on the block?  That big boy has proven time and again that it can and will destroy anyone for any twisted reason it deems necessary.

There used to be an open claim of divinity by monarchy (government), and of course there still is by pope and priest.  Nothing could be farther from the truth.  These claims are made so that factions of men can have ownership over things and not have to produce an original title, or prove that the holdings were obtained justifiably.  Through the claim of divine right, men can say ‘god said so’ without having to prove that God did anything.  Then, using force of arms, these same men can commit divine conquest (AKA Crusades, national security) against any people that dare not pay tribute to their holiness.

Government, in this day and age, is the new god.  Governments, under the authoritative guise of symbols written on parchment can claim universal dictate.  All that must be done is to write more symbols on more papers making it so.  There are many apologists out there that claim the necessity of government to represent men and their property, but a closer examination reveals that these same men take advantage of the relationship, and profit from the criminal actions.  These are the protectors of government.  These are the men that applaud war and police power over the people.  They fly their war flags in everyone’s face, demanding their brand of patriotism from the masses, under penalty of death for non-compliance.  It is these men that expect their piece of the pie at any cost, men that will stand by and delight at the harm and murder of anything that might hinder their profit margin.  Most are deluded into the idea that the government machine will take their side if push comes to shove.  When that time comes, they will be sadly mistaken as the top levels of the murder for money game show no quarter to anything below them.

Which brings the entire argument to this.  The Federal Government, the State Governments, in fact any government, has absolutely no valid claim to ownership of anything.  Oh sure, there are some slimeball lawyers that will create words on paper, have some fraud sign it and then call it title or deed.  Those words mean nothing.  Under that auspice some men can simply write down legal words and take anything they want, including life and liberty of living men.  These words carry no authority because the claim to ownership is through ill-gotten gains, namely murder, theft and fraud.  Additionally, the system behind the words, government and we the people are fictional entities.  They simply do not exist in reality, only on paper, stacked up in a mile-high grim fairy tale.  We the people does not include living men, how could it?  If we the people were real, and all inclusive, all men would be fully informed of everything, gain an equal share of everything, have as full an authority as any other man.  Government would then be completely transparent and completely accessible.  But we know that is not true, and that we the people are used as an excuse for those claiming ownership of the people and land to violate any and every ethical purpose they deem fit.  Ultimately, fictional government represents fictional we the people.  Through this relationship, they claim ownership over lands and property, ownership that is fraudulent. 

If government owns the land, then I demand to see proof of original title that they received such ownership from.  An original owner must have transferred ownership to the current proprietors in order for the claim to be valid.  We know this is not true.  Not only were the people living on the land systematically murdered, and the land they lived on seized, but whatever claim those murdered people had existed between them and God.  Does government have proof of transfer from God to government the ownership of the land?  Of course not, though I am sure that any group of lawyers will gladly draft up some fraudulent legal crap that purports such a transfer, complete with god’s signature.

The truth is that the only thing government has to back up it’s claims is weapons and fear.  The very second living men deny government their claim of ownership over lives and property, those men are attacked in any number of ways.  Government has made sure, through its educational system and media propaganda machine, that its first line of defense is the very people it subjugates.  They back the fraudulent claim by exhorting it as truth.  And through that action, they grant government the power to do anything, expecting of course that it will ultimately profit them to do so.  Those that back murderous government are complicit in its crimes.  Those that perpetuate the lies that fictional things are real are insane. 

They know that if government cannot produce honorable claim to property, then they too will have no valid claim to their property.  It will be the end to the American way of take what you can, while you can, from whoever you can, at any cost, including murder.  The nation was founded upon it.