Saturday, June 30, 2012

Rights, Privilege and Law

How is it that rights can be granted that are already inherent in natural law, and as natural rights?  The constitution, and the Bill of Rights are wonderful idealism, but in reality neither has an ounce of power and the Federal government is proof of that.

Are the rights of men to be compounded into 10 little amendments, all of which are completely open to interpretation, in order to exist?  In my estimation, those rights are a beginning to restriction of government.  But government, namely Federal, has made sure it has no restriction, and the 'rights' supposedly handed down by the founding fathers are revoked 100 times over, the Federal bureaucrats just haven't seen fit to enforce the laws claiming them so yet.

Unless you live in TV lala land, which is quite likely in this end of age, you would be well aware that there are more than 80 million Federal statutes, codes and by-laws, all in violation of the constitution, and all in violation of the rights of living men.  It is this way because corporate governments run by bankers have no empathy, care or feeling, and view 'citizens' as property; cattle, sheep, dogs and as long as we bleat and moo and bark, they are happy to do so. Property has no right, it has privilege. Governments provide privilege and expect hearty payment, via energy labor, in order to grant it.  We essentially pay in a form of taxation 10x over so that government can control every part of our lives.  These bureaucrats dole out privilege in exchange for the alleviation of the very fears they create with their policies of discontent.

It all falls back on the belief that the constitution is a social contract.  Contract exists only under certain conditions: complete and full disclosure, no coercion in its agreement, terms are satisfactory and unchanging for all parties involved, and all parties agree via witnesses or a mark of some kind, like a signature.  The constitution is an agreement between a fictional 'we the people' and a fictional 'government'.  Neither exists in fact, it cannot, as it has no energy on its own.  Each must suck the energy of living men in order to exist.  It is also why the social contract can be changed without notification or acceptance of protest any time the purveyors of gun and propaganda wish it.  As grand as the idea that the there is a supreme law of the land is, that supreme law is butt-wipe for filthy rich extortionists and murderers, hell bent on taking everything and giving nothing but a dirt nap to anyone that stands in their way.

You cannot rely on revolution. Revolution replaces government with government, and unless I missed it somewhere, all governments throughout known history are top-down pyramid schemes of extortion and suffering.  Federal is no different.  In fact, it may be the greatest pyramid scheme government ever contrived.  But like all pyramid schemes, ultimately it collapses in on itself.

Here's the deal.  You are the determiner of your rights.  You determine the law. It is only the incompetent man that needs others to dictate control.  Is that you?  Don't you know the difference between right and wrong?  If not, then perhaps you do need to be enslaved to keep you from harming others.  Which comes to the only law that needs to be known or practiced: Do no harm to life, any life.  I cannot conceive of any law necessary outside of that or in addition to that, because all law is just a fracturing of the law of one.