Monday, November 29, 2010

god-vernment Outlaws Gardening

S510 is the latest bill of Federal intent to separate living people from a Living Creator.

This bill is but one more example of how disconnected the American citizen is from anything resembling reality. Who in their right mind would consider even the presentation of this idea as constitutional? What public servant would in their right mind even allow this to come to vote? What citizen would in their right mind ever again lend one ounce of support and effort to what can definitively be called a government that denies God, and God's children, the fruits of His Creation.

This type of thing is never going to end. It will never end because every time a song is sung, or a cloth is waved, or a pledge is sworn, or a bumper sticker is displayed the whole nation goes ga-ga eyed and pays homage to that which does not exist even in the least. How many times will you allow strangers, make that wealthy strangers, make that wealthy strangers with personal, hidden agendas, make that wealthy strangers with personal, hidden agendas and a dedication to anything that will pay them and their selected elite your energy converted into capital...take away your standing as an equal child of God? A dead corporation, like Monsanto or whatever has no standing with God. It is a fictional thing. A dead corporation, like THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT or THE UNITED STATES are fictional things. These are corporate (i.e. corpses) that have taken standing over the living people. All this voting and letter writing and phone calling and lip service is completely ineffective. You can call it the fault of the Democrats, but we saw the most anti-constitutional and Draconian legislation in the history of America to date during the Bush/Republican controlled congress years. It just happens to be the Democrats time to pass their own version of tax and slave laws for their international corporate interests. This particular devilry may be put off for now, but it will be back and it will be snuck in somehow. The greatest question is, why is it so necessary to remove the people from God's creation?

I read the Gospel. I read it not because I am a dedicated sinner looking for my weekly salvations. I read it because throughout the entire text of the those four books the Prophet is telling and showing us over and over again how insidious and anti-God-the-Creator the institutions of government and control are. It's not one bit different today. The Roman Governor, the Lawyers, the soldiers and the Priests are all running around chomping at the bit to destroy as much of God's Creation and Love that they can as fast as they can. God the Creator threatens their profit margin. We sit by and allow a group of complete disconnects, in a 10 x 10 square mile piece of foreign property, pass law after act after statute after code taking away the very rights granted not just by Bill of Rights and the Constitution, but by God the Creator. Some lawyers and bankers can with a vote and the stroke of a pen take away anything they want, including (I can't believe I'm having to actually write this) a man's right to grow plants in the earth for the purpose of consumption as food. The manna God has provided to us all in his most blessed creations in nature are now to be locked down and confiscated by strangers. Oh, I'm sure there will be some kind of licensing scam attached to it all, so you can pay a tax on your God-given rights, and have any bureaucrat invade your property and pull up your work and Love because they don't like your species. Hell knows, maybe they'll just go ahead and fine you for your lawn, trees and shrubs too. If they can get away with this, they can get away with anything.

Only one thing allows them to have so much power. Each and every one of us grants it to them every time. Some do it because they still believe there is a constitutional republic. Some because of fear. Some do it because they plain and simple are told to like a little child. Rest assured, some rich atheist serving in the senate isn't going to be tearing down the garden at his mansion (and if he wasn't an atheist, he would be on the side of God and not god-vernment). Every step closer they get to a populace that readily consents to their fraud before God's Love and Truth is one step closer to the apocalypse. Judging by what spiritual powers are guiding these decisions by our supposed public servants, I'd say that anti-constitution is the least of our anti-worries.

How can any person claim authority over you without God's permission, or your permission? Did God appear and pass on his power of attorney over us all to a bunch of bankers and lawyers? If he did, I missed the memo. So that leaves us. We are given a choice to consent to the madness and deception and tyranny, or not. I am by no means against a valid and fair social contract. I am a complete supporter of the constitution and amendments. If I had any belief that those things were in effect and on my side equally to everyone else I'd have nothing to say. Even the threat of any of this legislative scheming, among a thousand other evil designs by the devils in charge, is a complete blasphemy against God and nature, and a complete admission that the social contract they pay lip service about is a farce.

In closing, and you're probably not going to like this, but you will never hear your church leader talk openly about any of this, despite all of the usurpation against anything holy as I talked about above. It is because if he/she does, they will lose their 503c tax-free status faster than you could say amen. They were bribed into coercion from the beginning. If you don't believe it, then look at the flag with the gold fringe on the side of the altar. Since when does God, in God's holy place of gathering, need permission from a government to preach the truth: that whatever is God's, that he has given to all men in the first chapter of Genesis, cannot be taken away from those men? To stand by in silence, watching the flock give away those rights without a fight is equally as bad.

I am sorry if I have offended or angered anyone with this post. Please don't allow me or anyone drive you to anger or fear or any emotional reaction that is not based in Love. I wish you all a great deal of Love and luck in the coming future.